Green Cleaning Services for New York City Churches

Green cleaning in nyc churchesCleanliness is next to Godliness and your congregation wants to walk into a clean church. Keep your church-goers smiling every Sunday by hiring a green cleaning company that will not only keep the pews shining but will also keep the choir singing because they won’t use any harsh, dangerous chemicals.

Traditional cleaners use harsh chemicals that did a great job of cleaning the surface, but left everyone in the area choking and gasping for air. Fumes can travel a great distance and they can linger for hours after the work is done, causing problems for everyone in the area who will have to breathe them in.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s, and fluorocarbons are dangerous not only for the environment, but they’re also dangerous to breathe in. Some bathroom cleaners actually boric acid which may do a great job on the sink but can leave anyone walking in the bathroom dizzy and lightheaded. Choosing a green cleaning company to polish the floors of God’s house and shine the stained glass windows will leave your entire congregation enjoying air that is still healthy and clean.

Additionally, you can extend your church’s budget and stretch your tithing donations further by choosing to go green. Because the cleaners used are gentle and safe, they aren’t as damaging to surfaces. The beautiful wooden pews will hold their shine longer for more sermons and the carpets on the floor won’t need to be replaced as often. Stained glass windows should be cleaned with care and with natural ingredients that won’t damage or dull the incredible colors. They should be cleaned with green products that will help keep everything looking its best for as long as possible.

Green cleaning services care about more than just using safe products. They are also committed to using less energy in the process. This means that the company will work more efficiently throughout the process. They will use less electricity and less water to get the job done, saving your church money in the process. The products are safer for the environment, safer for the people, better for the building and yet will still do an excellent job of cleaning.

The benefit to the environment should also be considered. God charges all of us with taking care of his gifts, and that includes the landscape around us. Choosing green cleaning services shows excellent stewardship of the gifts we’ve been granted. The ground water will not be contaminated by harsh chemicals, the air quality will be maintained and even the atmosphere will be protected further when your church makes the decision to go green with cleaning.

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a report showing that indoor air quality is one of the greatest health risks to people in America. Make your church more than a sanctuary from the evil of the world and the stress in people’s lives; make it a physical sanctuary as well with clean, fresh air. Choosing green cleaning services will help you keep your congregation healthier and more comfortable during the sermon and the coffee hour that follows. Contact for quality cleaning services today!

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