Eco Cleaning Services Brooklyn

You want your home or office clean, sanitized and odor-free. But you are also concerned about the dangers of toxic chemicals so often found in industrial strength soaps, disinfectants and stain removers. As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, the professional cleaning industry has kept pace and now features an entire line of green products for home and office cleaning. 1st Class Cleaning offers exceptional service throughout the borough of Brooklyn and uses the latest in organic cleaning products, specifically designed to keep humans and pets safe from harsh chemicals that are also extremely dangerous for the environment.

Everyone Go Green
It’s not just a marketing fad, it is good judgment to use eco-friendly cleaning products. Consider the dangers of using some of the popular soaps, powders and sanitizers on the market today. Many contain chemicals that are left behind as residues after the scrubbing and wiping is complete. These particulates get into the air and affect those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems, cause skin irritations and are very unhealthy for pets. And flushing these harmful chemicals down the drain taxes the water treatment facilities to the limit, as certain solvents and trapping agents must be used in order to clean the wastewater before returning it to the environment. This costs money that is spent by area residents. It just makes good financial sense to use organic compounds as the active ingredients in cleaning products.

Professionals Using Eco-Friendly Products
The cleaning experts at 1st Class Cleaning come to your home or office equipped with the latest in organic formulas for use on carpets, windows, countertops and cabinets, hardwood floor surfaces and kitchen appliances. Everything used to make your home or office sparkle is made with natural ingredients that do not chemically alter when applied to dirt, grease or other grime. And these products do not need to be rinsed with a solvent, will not irritate or cause rashes, and contain no ingredients that can become toxic agents. The ever-growing number of chemicals that are now known to cause everything from cancer to nerve damage is frightening, therefore using organic, non-toxic cleansers and surfactants is critical. Choosing 1st Class Cleaning means that your residence or office area will be sanitized naturally, without lingering compounds that can seriously affect people’s health. And if you operate a commercial business you may even receive a tax break if you contract with a cleaning service that uses natural, organically derived products.

Affordable Service Rates
Reputable cleaning personnel can be hired for a single, one-time operation or be contracted for a regularly scheduled service. Repeat visits are usually a flat fee rate, can be scheduled for any time of the day or night and can include everything from appliance cleaning to the removal of heating duct residues. Your office equipment is treated with respect, and every surface that can harbor germs, from telephones to fax machines and light switches is thoroughly cleaned using eco-friendly, organic products.

Contact the friendly professionals at 1st Class Cleaning today or visit online at for a free estimate on expert, reliable home or office cleaning services in the borough of Brooklyn. And breathe easy knowing your residence or office will not only remain sparkling clean but will be free from industrial toxins and health-damaging compounds.

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