Dirtiest Places in Your Home During the Winter

Dirtiest Places in Your Home During the WinterNo one is immune to getting the occasional dust bunnies and dirt buildup around the house. There’s always a spot that requires more cleaning. During the wintertime, these areas usually span across an entire home since we tend to stay in more. Whether you’re tackling the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, the following are some of the dirtiest places you should pay close attention to.

  1. Fireplace

Have you been toasting chestnuts or making smores by the fire? Dropping a few on the carpet won’t really cause a mess, but using the fireplace one too many times without properly maintaining it will create a mess. Here’s how to clean it:

  • Throw on some leather gloves and cover the surrounding furniture.
  • Place newspapers around the fireplace and shovel the cool ashes to throw them out.
  • With a flashlight, look up the chimney and check if the flue (metal door) is open; if not, yank it to stay open while you clean.
  • Grab a chimney brush with metal bristles to scrape off any soot or residue.
  • Pour about a cup of chlorine and a tablespoon of baking soda in a gallon of water, and dip a large cleaning brush to scrub the chimney walls.
  • Remove the dirty newspapers and throw them out before using clean water to cleanse the chimney floor and walls.
  • Then, go outside to scrape carbon compounds and residue off the grate and andirons—and you’re all done!
  1. Washing Machine

Having additional layers of clothing during the winter means you have more laundry to do. The washing machine can build up bacteria over time after several washes, and as more loads are placed in the machine, more fabrics are being washed with the use of more water—which is equal to a higher probability of living germs.

Be sure to remove wet laundry out of the washing machine as soon as a load is complete. At least once a month, run an empty load with a cup of vinegar, making sure it’s a hot cycle, to disinfect the washing machine. If a family member is sick, consider washing a separate load.

  1. Kitchen Sink and Sponge

If you’re spending more time indoors, you’re most likely spending more time in the kitchen. While the dishwasher is known to be place that can harbor mold and mildew, you should be worrying about your kitchen sink and sponge, too.

Each time you use the sink, be sure to use a disinfectant to spray the sink and then rinse it with hot water. You can soak the kitchen sponge in bleach or lemon juice, or for better results, place the sponge in the microwave for about 60 seconds to get rid of the germs.

Contact 1st Class Cleaning

In addition to the areas mentioned above, you should also focus on cleaning places like the toothbrush holder, shower curtain, light switches and doorknobs, as well as your cutting boards and kitchen counters. All of these areas host an array of bacteria during the wintertime and throughout the year.

To keep your home spotless at all times, call 1st Class Cleaning today and learn about our professional cleaning services.

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