Recycling Clutter

If you watch much daytime television, it seems like homes all over the world are filling with clutter. Busy families where both parents work and are too busy to keep up all the day-to-day details of running a house, and even single people whose spaces may just be too small for all of their possessions, find themselves with clutter. The more clutter that accumulates, the harder it is to know where to begin ridding yourself of it. However, once a person decides to reduce the amount of clutter in their home, there are ways to reduce it and recycle it that will result in a tidier, better-ordered home as well as ensuring the items do not end up in landfills.

The first and most effective way to recycle clutter is to rid your home of all recyclable paper items and set up a recycling program in the house to ensure paper clutter is dealt with if not on a daily basis, then at least weekly. Paper comes into the home every day in the form of mail, newspapers and magazines. Collect it all up and recycle it. If your town has an at-the-curb recycling program, leave it out on the next trash day. If not, many towns have recycling centers. Paper seems to make up the bulk of recyclable clutter in homes, but if you find your house is littered with any other sorts of recyclable products that are of little or no value, repeat this process with those items. Set up a regular recycling program in your home, with places where recyclable waste is taken at the end of the day, and stick to the program to ensure no more recyclables fill up your home.

Homes are also cluttered with more valuable items than paper, items that also should not be thrown away because they will just occupy a landfill, but also because other people may be able to use them. Such items include clothes, videogames, DVDs, CDs, books, and even extra furniture that crowds a room and serves no purpose. Useful items that you do not use but that others may want can be sold on auction sites, taken to clothing consignment stores, or sold in a garage sale. Not only will this get rid of the clutter in your home, but it will earn you extra cash, a sort of reward for taking the steps necessary to declutter your home.

However, auction sites, consignment stores and garage sales are only helpful if you actually have the time. Many homes become cluttered because of a lack of time, and good intentions may not be enough to get rid of the recyclable clutter in your home. If you are extremely busy, consider a charitable donation. Some charities sponsor clothing and small item pick ups several times a year, and some will come directly to your home for larger items, like furniture and exercise equipment. Recycling clutter items in your home with a charity that can resell them also helps your pocketbook at tax time in the form of charitable giving. It also keeps those items you donate out of a landfill, which is the ultimate end of recycling the clutter in your home.

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