Pre Construction Cleaning in NYC

In a culture where we are busier than ever, people have decided to forgo home maintenance and hire cleaning services for their homes and businesses. Having someone come and clean while they are away at work, running errands or on vacation makes life bearable. However, professional cleaning companies can do much more than weekly vacuuming and dusting. They have the tools and professionals to make your home shine in any circumstance. You want to hire a cleaning service that will go the extra mile and help you prepare for a mess, before it even happens.

1st Class Cleaning, based in New York City, knows that a home is often in disarray during a construction job. The micro-dust and upheaval during one of these projects makes many people dread the mess they know will consume their home or business. Very few construction and remodeling companies offer any kind of cleaning service, leaving you with the responsibility to prepare for the construction crew ahead of time and clean up the mess when they are finished. This kind of preparation is very important, and difficult to fit into your already packed schedule. Hiring a professional cleaning company is the best way to prepare a home or business for upcoming construction work. Remodeling and construction requires protecting and adapting your living area for the chaos that will come. 1st Class Cleaning understands the stress involved, and wants to prove itself as one of the few companies that provide pre construction cleaning in NYC by helping prepare your home for the changes that are in store for you.

When you choose 1st Class Cleaning for a pre-construction cleaning project, we can handle the post construction cleanup process as well. Here are some of the services our company can provide for residential construction projects:

Installing New Floors
Many tiles and wood flooring products are designed to be installed over existing flooring. Since adhesives are used to adhere the new layer to the old, the existing floor must be perfectly clean before installation begins. We can scrub the tile, concrete or wood floors, until it sparkles and no grime is left to block the adhesion process. This ensures a tight bond between the two layers and prevents the new flooring from separating when someone walks on it. We can also clean the debris and dust left behind by a carpet or tile removal team so new flooring can remain installed properly. The only thing worse than losing time to construction or renovation projects is the mess they can leave behind. We can help you eliminate that headache and restore order and cleanliness after new flooring is installed, giving you a clean area to walk on again.

Additions And Wall Removal
Knocking out an inconvenient wall can turn two cramped rooms into one spacious living area. Cleaning both rooms thoroughly and moving the furniture out is the best way to prevent a home from becoming a disaster area when the wall is removed. It is best to have the rooms that are adjacent to a new addition cleaned before construction begins. Since it is usually necessary to secure a construction permit before beginning a project, having the area clean before the inspector comes ensures a more efficient inspection. Clutter or debris around the area being inspected will only obscure the details needed for an accurate estimate or project approval. Let us help you set up your area to make the most of you planning and remove the stress of re-arranging an area to make way for a new project.

Bringing In Equipment
If a homeowner wants to add a luxurious hot tub to a bathroom or install medical equipment for a family member, the installation site needs to be perfectly clean before bringing in the new appliances. Installing expensive electronics or fixtures over a dirty floor will shorten the lifespan of these units. This is especially true if the new appliances will require extra framing or other construction to support them. The new appliances will also stay clean and in top shape longer if they are installed in a clean area. As a full service cleaning company, 1st Class Cleaning can also maintain the cleanliness of the space after the installation to ensure no dust or dirt causes wear and tear on the devices. You’ve spent enough on equipment, why not make the most of your investment and ensure that the area is spotless to extend it’s lifetime and ensure your family’s safety?

Commercial Construction Cleanup
Businesses can also benefit from pre construction cleaning in NYC. In the city that never sleeps, business is always on the mind, day or night. Clean areas make it safer for the construction workers and make the work go much more swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to work as soon as possible. Office buildings may need cubicle installation or the addition of doors, windows, flooring or paint. Inspectors will make sure crawlspaces, walls, ceilings and floors are organized and free of dust and debris before allowing a project to begin. They are often much more strict in an area where more people will be working such as an office building as opposed to a residence where fewer people are involved. More variables means more to worry about, but not when it comes to cleaning if you have us taking care of business for you.

Rental Businesses
Some companies make it their business to rent residential areas like apartments. These apartments often have a high turnover rate. Sometimes former residents leave the area in less than desirable condition. Our company can clean up the apartment before it is readied for the next tenant with a remodeling project. We can remove ruined carpets and dirt left behind from unauthorized pets, smoke damage or other misuse. There is nothing worse for a prospective renter than coming to an apartment and seeing it in a state of disrepair. You want people to feel at home from the moment they walk in because it will be their home, if it feels right. Let 1st Class Cleaning make a space into a home with our expert staff and quick turnaround, no matter the mess.

If a residential or commercial site has been properly prepared by a cleaning company, the whole process is much more streamlined and efficient. The 1st Class Cleaning Company can help with these other jobs related to construction as well:

During the Construction
While the construction workers are doing their job, a professional cleaning company can remove debris from the work area so the workers can concentrate on doing what they do best. As new doors are installed, old doors are removed. Old fixtures and carpeting must be removed and discarded. A quality cleaning company will know how to handle old electrical and heating fixtures safely. They will provide the tools and means to dispose of the debris properly to make sure the space not only stays clean, but remains a safe place to conduct work. Operating around debris gets in the way, only leaving risk of injury and a longer wait time for the job to be completed. We work with the construction companies to make their jobs easier and safer, allowing them to make the necessary changes to your living or work space in less time.

Post Construction Cleaning
1st Class Cleaning offers post construction services in addition to pre construction cleaning in NYC. We can remove the dust and debris left behind for new homes or remodeled apartments. Our team is dedicated to the details and will ensure every nook and cranny is clean before allowing you to return home. Residents can be ready to move in belongings and furnishings as soon as our cleaning is complete. Companies are able to operate in a smoother fashion and get back to business as usual more quickly because of the efficient cleanup services we offer.

Those planning any construction or remodeling in the near future can contact us today for a free estimate and more information on how we can make your space cleaner than the first day you walked in. 1st Class Cleaning has been a part of New York City since 2005, and is backed by years more experience in the form of a crew that knows how important it is to have a clean and functional space for both work and home. We work within your budget and around your schedule to bring you only the highest in professional service, cleanliness and convenience while we work to bring your space back to how it used to be, only cleaner.


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