Creating the Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

Housework has a way of getting ahead of you. You may have the best intentions of cleaning the house every night before bed, but exhaustion and a lack of time can prevent this from happening. If you want to stay on track with cleaning, then you need a great cleaning checklist. Here is the ultimate guide to keeping your home clean and your chores on track.

Some Things Must be Done Every Day

There are some chores you can do once a month, others should be covered once a week, and still others must be taken care of every day. With a daily cleaning list, you will keep up with the chores that can quickly get out of hand. Items on this list should be things like cleaning the kitchen, picking up stray items and wiping down the dining table. Hard floor surfaces should be swept every day to keep the home clean. Get all family members in the habit of cleaning up the house and putting away their stray items before going to bed.

Weekly Chores Should be Sprinkled In

Some items are important, but they don’t have to be done every day. A weekly cleaning of the bathroom will keep it sparkling, and vacuuming the carpets weekly is effective if you don’t have a lot of people and animals moving through the home. Make a list of your weekly chores, and then split them out over the course of the week. Plan on vacuuming one day, scrub a bathroom the next day and clean the windows on another day. Other weekly chores include mopping the floors of your home and vacuuming furniture. This will keep the chores manageable and your house clean.

Remember the Monthly Chores

Make sure that one day a week is used for monthly chores instead of weekly chores. Your monthly cleaning chores can be rotated through the weeks, and remembering to do them will keep your home looking great. This is a good time to give your wood furniture a nourishing polish and dust the tops of doorframes. Other monthly chores include cleaning out cabinets and organizing closets. When you include monthly chores into your routine, you won’t have to go through the hassle of a big spring cleaning later in the year.

How often you take care of various chores will depend largely on your personal lifestyle and how much time you can dedicate to cleaning. If you have animals, then you may have to dust more frequently. A house with small children will require more frequent vacuuming and mopping. The main goal is to create a good routine and follow through with it to keep the house ready for company at all times. If you find that you don’t have room in your schedule to spend time every day cleaning, then consider hiring a professional cleaning service. 1st Class Cleaning of New York can sit down with you to create a customized cleaning plan that will keep your house fresh and clean. Visit them at to learn more about their flexible plans, affordable pricing and stellar service.

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