Construction Clean Up Services in NYC

At every phase of a construction project there will be a buildup of waste material that must be removed in order that the completed structure is fit for occupancy. This removal process must be a part of the labor budget for the building construction itself and therefore choosing a New York City company that specializes in keeping new construction clean and sanitary at a cost that is satisfying to the client is an important matter.

Continuous Buildup Of Waste Products
While a building is being constructed, consider what types of chemicals, particles and residues become trapped within the structure. Drilling into walls, sawing of wood, applying wall texture and sanding surfaces all results in an enormous amount of airborne particles. The floors, walls and windows must be free of these particulates or they will become a permanent feature of the new building, with disastrous health problems as a possible consequence. Experienced professional construction site cleaners are specialized in the cleaning of new construction, are able to keep the entire interior environmentally safe, and can work well around the constant movement of other contractors, installers and construction workers.

Figuring The Costs Of This Service
New construction progresses in stages. After the initial framing of the building, the windows are installed and the sub floor is laid. At this point the windows and floors will be dirty and must be cleaned. Later, after the appliances have been installed and the building painted, there must be a second cleaning to make sure the fixtures and floors, windows and doors are once again free from dirt and grime. Lastly, before showing the property to potential tenants, a cleaning must be performed that makes the unit sparkle. The cost of all this is actually low if the contract is for the complete service, from start to finish, because most professional cleaning contractors offer a huge discount for repeated trips, even if the exact work changes slightly from one visit to another. Contacting a cleaning service that specializes in new construction will result in several different price packages that depend on the square footage of the construction site, the number of visits and the amount of labor personnel needed to complete a required task.

Going Green
One of the major concerns for construction companies is the possibility of legal action taken against them if there are physical or environmental dangers that remain after the building is complete. Using a cleaning service that employs the use of green technology and eco-friendly products helps insure that the building will be free of dangerous particles, residues and chemicals when the job is finished. Many times a cleaning service chosen will use dangerous chemicals that can actually remain in the walls, floors and wooden components of a structure long after it is completed, with subsequent health problems for the tenants. Always choose a company that uses non-toxic cleaners or soaps and this problem will be all but eliminated.

A wonderful partnership can be created between a construction company and a professional, licensed NYC cleaning service. During all phases of construction the workers who build the structure will be thankful of a clean, safe workplace, and the cost of this expert service is lower than most will believe.

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