Commonly Missed Areas of Your Home that Need to be Cleaned Right Now!

Commonly Missed Areas of Your Home that Need to be Cleaned Right Now!You look around your home after a cleaning session and feel great about how clean it is. The windows are sparkling and the floor is vacuumed, but what’s that on top of your door frame? If you haven’t wiped this area down in a while, it could be allergens from last spring, dander from the animals and even lingering germs from that illness last week. The fact is that most people have areas in their house that haven’t been touched in a while, and it’s important to clean them right now.

The Bottom of the Dishwasher

Food and gunk collects in crevices and around drain lines. Every time you run the machine, you’re recycling those old meals, fresh mold and other people’s germs. In addition to cleaning the machine exterior, you should also take a few minutes to clean the interior and get the old food and crumbs out.

Light Switches

What’s the dirtiest place in the house? Take a closer look around any switch and you’ll see the answer. Think about all the germs on your hand that transfer to the switch and it could be enough to make you switch to motion-activated lights. While this is a smart idea for energy efficiency, it’s really not necessary to protecting the family from germs. Add this spot to your regular cleaning schedule and the germ count will be reduced drastically.

Toothbrush Holders

When was the last time you lifted the cover off this cup and actually looked inside? Water and bacteria drip down the toothbrush into the cup. It doesn’t take long to start turning into your kid’s next science project. Grab the holder and run it through the dishwasher with your next load. If you don’t have electric toothbrushes, then you can run them through, as well.

The Shower Head

You get in the shower and run the relaxing, hot water. When was the last time you looked up before you stepped under the spray? Is the water that’s about to touch your bare skin pouring through holes that are coated in soap scum and mildew? It’s enough to make you grab the baggie for a vinegar treatment right this second.

Under the Furniture Legs

You may be diligent about running the broom or vacuum under the furniture, but have you actually moved the piece lately? The legs usually have space immediately around or beneath them where the cleaners cannot reach. Bugs learn about this space in their early lessons, and allergens manage to gather in this area.

The Couch

It’s hard to believe, but the couch can gather up as much junk and dirt as the floors. The reason is simple. Although you may not walk on the couch, you probably aren’t cleaning it either. Dirt is transferred to the furniture from clothes and pets, so take the time to vacuum your couch when you vacuum the floor.

If you don’t have time to clean the house this thoroughly every week, then it might be time to call in the professionals. The great thing about hiring a cleaning service is that you can let them deal with the gunk in the toothbrush holder rather than looking at that petri dish every week. You can visit 1st Class Cleaning online or call us directly at (800) 309-7881 to schedule a thorough one-time cleaning or to discuss a customized, flexible recurring schedule.

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