Commercial Floor Cleaner

Trying to find a commercial floor cleaner is one thing. Quite often you can pick up the phone book, and find someone that will work just by thumbing through the pages. Sometimes you will see that finding a floor cleaner is as easy as asking your friends because their floors look gorgeous.

However, what does a floor cleaner do for you? What specific jobs will they do for you—or not do for you? There is a list of things to be considered when looking for cleaners to do a commercial floor job.

What type of floor is it that is being cleaned—hardwood, carpet, tile or something else? Some floor cleaners are specialists in different types of floors. Granted, you will find that there are plenty of floor installation specialists—but some are also specialize in cleaning specific types of floors.

Next, do you have to set up a regular contract with the floor cleaner, or can it be just a one-time thing that will be done and over within a day, or possibly two? Sometimes the cleaner will insist that the visit for the day is the first of several, and that the cost will be lower because of it.

Carpet cleaners should be expected to perform certain duties when cleaning the carpets.  For example, they should be responsible for moving the furniture out of the area at the very least. Bringing the needed supplies to do their job is of course a must—you should not be responsible for any of that. Insist on knowing exactly what the carpet cleaners will and won’t do.

A commercial floor cleaner that specialize in hardwoods should be willing to write into their quote exactly what they will do as well. When the need arises, will they sand the floor to buff out any flaws that are in the floor?

Hardwood floors require extra time and planning—will the commercial cleaners be attentive to the needs and pay attention to the details as needed? Careful planning makes the job go smoothly when the floor needs to be waxed and sealed.

Be sure to find out whether or not that commercial cleaner will charge you extra should they happen to take longer than the allotted time in the contract. If that extra time is their fault the extra labor cost should not be yours, but theirs alone.

Tile floors are another floor that people don’t realize there are specialist floor cleaning companies for. Due to the fact that some tile floors are simple square tiles that line up easily, not all tile floors need to be attended to by a commercial floor cleaner.

Floor cleaners that work on a commercial basis for all types of floors must know what they’re doing. They must be responsible for following through on the job completion—correctly.

Ask your friends and acquaintances for references about any particular floor cleaner that you are thinking about choosing.  Look at the floors of places that you frequent, and see which ones are the best looking in your opinion, then find out who cleaned them. It is truly as simple as that.

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