Small Green Office Cleaning In Brooklyn NY

With today’s emphasis on eco-friendly cleaning products and non-toxic alternatives to harsh chemical compounds, small offices in Brooklyn are turning to janitorial services that practice safer methods. One of the major concerns for small business owners and business property managers is the health of those who work in the office on a daily basis. A professional maid service that uses organically derived cleaners, surfactants and solvents leaves an office or showroom completely sanitized, with no lingering odors, no harmful residues, and no substances known to cause allergic reactions.

Finding a Dependable Office Cleaning Service
Simply pick up the phone and call the janitorial experts at 1st Class Cleaning. This company has gained a reputation as the most reliable, efficient and dependable janitorial firm operating in the Borough of Brooklyn. Its rapid dispatch, timely service and ability to construct a personalized cleaning schedule is known to many small business owners in the region.

A company representative will be happy to visit the office, sit down and listen to the customer’s needs. An appropriate service schedule will be arranged, a set fee will be agreed upon, and the customer will know exactly what to expect when the cleaning team arrives.

Complete Green Cleaning Service
The team from 1st Class Cleaning will arrive on time and will be equipped with everything needed to perform the duties required. The customer can expect efficient, dependable cleaning service in all areas of the office.

Small business maid service includes

  • Vacuuming all carpeted surfaces
  • Dusting all furniture and countertops
  • Trash removal from bins and waste containers
  • Cleaning all glass surfaces
  • Disinfecting computer equipment and phones
  • Cleaning all bathroom appliances
  • Mopping all floor surfaces

The teams at 1st Class Cleaning use HEPA vacuums, which virtually eliminate allergens from the premises. All of the cleaners used are organically derived. This means no harmful residues left on furniture or countertops. The Green Seal approved cleaners used by the field operators contain no toxic chemicals and will not produce chemical reactions with any surface with which they come into contact.

Specializing In Showrooms, Office Suites And Clinics
The first impression is a lasting one. Visitors to an office, company showroom or medical clinic feel much more comfortable if the surrounding environment looks and smells clean and sanitized. The teams at 1st Class Cleaning will have the client’s guests believing in the sincerity of the service offered, all because of the impression that the place of business is a healthy environment.

Customizing A Cleaning Schedule
Brooklyn area business owners can depend on the professional teams at 1st Class Cleaning to show up on time and finish their work as directed. Whether the client needs janitorial service once per week or every night, dispatch personnel will tailor the perfect schedule at an affordable price. If the client ever needs to alter the schedule or have additional work performed in preparation for a special event, a simple phone call will take care of the need for additional maid service. The client can cancel the service at any time with no penalty fee.

Going green in the office is not a passing fad. It is a healthy practice, one that actually saves the client money over time. A happy office is a healthy office, where workers feel safe from allergies and disease. Contact us today to book your Small Green Office Cleaning In Brooklyn NY.


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