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Medical facilities must always be kept completely clean and sanitized. This job is often left to professional janitorial service contractors specializing in the cleaning of health care clinics. Exacting standards must be met in the areas of waste removal and disinfecting. Careful thought should be given to the subject of cleanliness and contractor reliability before choosing a company to maintain the sanitary conditions required in the medical industry.

A leader in corporate office cleaning and housekeeping, 1st Class Cleaning offers complete New York medical office cleaning services. They provide all the equipment needed to maintain a healthy, sanitized environment in the health care clinic, dental office, or hospital facility. This company also uses environmentally friendly products and promotes green cleaning. This virtually eliminates the possibility of health problems related to the use of harsh chemicals.

Before Choosing A Cleaning ContractorGreen Cleaning Product

When contacting a cleaning service for the purpose of hiring a janitorial worker, New York City medical clinic managers are encouraged to make a list of the exact duties required. A health care facility must maintain an atmosphere of cleanliness while at the same time presenting a sense of security and comfort for all patients and visitors. A cleaning crew cannot perform their duties during operational hours.

Most cleaning service companies will have a night shift option for medical clinics. This means that employees of the maid or janitorial service will be dispatched after business hours. The individual or crew member needs to become familiar with the cleaning routine. A walk-through is necessary in order for the cleaning personnel to become familiar with the surroundings.

Pricing should be discussed with the cleaning contractor. Commercial office cleaning crews are often dispatched for an hourly rate. The actual size of the facility, the different types of work performed by the janitorial crew, and the number of days per week in which the service is required may affect the overall price of the contract.

Reputable cleaning contractors in the New York area will be happy to discuss their hiring procedures. Most of the successful janitorial contractors perform a complete background check on new applicants, and the employees are bonded. The company will possess a license to perform janitorial work on business property.

It is vital to ask the contractor about the products used for the cleaning and sanitizing of the medical facility. If the company specializes in office cleaning, the products are likely those of organic derivation. Medical clinics should avoid the services of janitorial contractors that use toxic chemicals or non-biodegradable cleansers.

What To Expect From The Cleaning Personnel
A professional office cleaning crew arrives at the work location equipped with all the cleaners, tools, vacuum equipment, and linens necessary to perform the duties required. If the medical clinic has specialized cleaning equipment such as steam cleaners or dry chemical cleaning appliances, the crew will be shown how to use it properly. A full schedule of cleaning duties will be in the hands of the crew, constructed in accordance with the instructions given to the contractor by the client.

Specifically, the duties performed by a medical office cleaning crew are–
•    Sanitizing all equipment such as phones and computer monitors
•    Disinfecting common surfaces such as desktops and door knobs
•    Cleaning all bathroom appliances and fixtures
•    Vacuuming all carpets and bare floors
•    Removing all trash and recyclable material
•    Performing any laundry cleaning requested by the client

Cleaning contractors in New York City do not schedule services that include the sanitizing or cleaning of medical equipment. This is left to the medical professionals or nursing assistants. Medical office cleaning contractors are not licensed to perform this type of work.

If the medical facility is quite large, duties performed will likely be split between members of the crew dispatched to the location. This reduces the overall time spent cleaning the facility and saves the client money. A workable duties schedule will be constructed in such a manner that allows the members of the crew to perform their duties without getting in each others way.

Special service may include the cleaning of heating and air conditioning ducts, sanitizing lunchrooms or kitchenettes, and dish-washing. Medical offices usually have a lounge or waiting area that is fully furnished, and the crew will be responsible for keeping the upholstery vacuumed and free of dust.

Before any work is scheduled with the client, a representative from the cleaning contractor will perform a complete walk-through of the facility. He or she can make notes on what areas are off-limits to the cleaning personnel. Medical and dental clinics have specialized equipment that must not be touched or moved, and the cleaning company representative will make careful notations about what should be left undisturbed.

Flexibility In Scheduling
New York medical office cleaning personnel can be dispatched at any hour of the day or night. Many clinics are closed during the evening hours, meaning that cleaning crews must have access to the facility in order to perform their job. Health care facilities looking to hire a full-time cleaning crew are encouraged to ask about dispatch times and whether there is an extra charge for nighttime janitorial work.

Most cleaning service companies use their own company vehicles to transport crews to the job location. This means that the crew is much more likely to arrive on time and begin their duties on schedule. The contract can be written in such a way that outlines specific working hours for the janitorial crew members.

The rates quoted by the contractor are based on an estimate of total work time per cleaning operation. The square footage of the medical facility is also taken into account. Reputable cleaning services offer clients the opportunity to construct a complex cleaning schedule. Certain duties need not be performed on each and every visit, and the price of the contract will reflect this.

If the customer is satisfied with the work performed by the cleaning personnel, repeat service using the same individuals is welcomed by the contractor. It is in the best interest of both the medical clinic and the cleaning contractor to form a working relationship that is long lasting. Trust between client and field personnel is vital in this business.

Concern For The EnvironmentNew York Medical Office Cleaning
Hospitals, medical facilities and dental clinics are demanding the use of non-toxic agents by cleaning crews. Evidence of health problems caused by harsh chemicals is mounting, and professional cleaning contractors in the New York area are taking notice. It is extremely important for the client to ask a prospective cleaning contractor about what chemicals are used by the field personnel.

Environmentally friendly cleaners, disinfectants, degrease and surfactants are organically derived and leave no dangerous residues in the air or on surfaces. The result is a fresh environment that does not contain hazardous particulates. Medical facilities place a priority on a clean indoor environment, and the use of green cleaning products greatly reduces the chance of an individual suffering an allergic reaction.

Organic cleaners and disinfectants require no special solvents in order to remove residues. They are perfect for the sanitizing of counter tops, telephones, computer equipment and furniture. They can be safely flushed to the city sewer system because they are 100 percent biodegradable.

Medical clinics and hospitals often receive a tax break if environmentally friendly cleaners are used. These are the result of green points earned by the business. A professional cleaning contractor in the New York area will be happy to discuss the complete line of cleansers and disinfectants used by the janitorial crews.

Safety And Security
Medical offices considering the hiring of a professional cleaning service are encouraged to ask about the licensing and bonding procedures. This is important to give a client peace of mind about their valuables. A health care facility contains numerous pieces of expensive equipment. Damage caused by a cleaning crew should be fully covered by the contractor’s insurance.

It is wise to ask about the background checks performed on all applicants before they are hired by the contractor. A medical office should only contract a cleaning service that is listed by the Better Business Bureau or is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. This makes it easy to view comments or complaints made by former clients.

Turning over the keys or giving front door password information to a cleaning crew may seem risky. However, the area’s top cleaning companies know all too well that their success depends on the hiring of individuals who can be trusted and who have a clean employment and criminal background history. These companies are always willing to discuss this sensitive issue with prospective clients.

A Profitable Partnership
A New York medical office cleaning company wishes to enter into a long relationship with the customer. This is profitable for both parties, much like retaining a favored employee for many years. One of the leading commercial office cleaning companies in the region is 1st Class Cleaning. This company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, and its reputation has been built largely on the numerous long-term contracts it enjoys with area clients.

Demand first-rate service with a company that is dependable, reliable and affordable. Use a company that always offers flexible scheduling.

Contact 1st Class Cleaning, to ask about a free, no-obligation quote on the finest office janitorial service in the industry.

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