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If your company has recently been considering outsourcing its cleaning services to a private cleaning company, there really is no better time like the present. With lower rates than in-house staff, a flexible schedule, and cutting edge cleaning technologies, your office will shine in ways it hasn’t since the first day you walked in the door.

When considering a cleaning company in New York, however, it’s a good idea to take a look at business that uses green cleaning solutions and technologies. Not only are they better for the planet, and quite trendy in a society fixated on everything green, but they actually have real benefits for the people you employ in your office on a daily basis.

Eliminating Sick Building Syndrome

It’s a surprising statistic: up to 30% of American workers suffer from some type of illness or irritation caused by so-called Sick Building Syndrome. First identified in the 1960s, this “syndrome” applies to the effects of harsh cleaning agents, toxic chemicals, the buildup of allergens and mold, and poor air circulation that plagues many office buildings from coast to coast. Each of these individuals, which constitutes 1 in 3 American office workers, was directly impacted by the way their building was cleaned and how well the job was done.

Of course, it’s true that the 1960s were a different time for the office crowd: green alternatives didn’t really exist during that decade, and things like indoor smoking presented real problems for breathing and air circulation. But despite the changes in workplace regulations, the statistical number of sufferers of Sick Building Syndrome has remained virtually constant over the past fifty years.

By eliminating this Sick Building Syndrome from the work environment, commercial cleaning companies actually enhance worker productivity and improve the quality of their workplace — thus improving the quality and reliability of their work. It’s likely to result in less sick days per employee, and produce an overall happier working environment. So how can it be done?

Using Green Technologies to Enhance the Workplace

Commercial cleaning companies like 1st Class Cleaning that use Eco-Friendly products are eliminating one of the main causes of this syndrome: the harsh, sometimes toxic, synthetic chemicals that have been a mainstay of cleaning services since their inception. These harsh chemicals have been proven to irritate the skin and eyes of a large number of people in office buildings; even the smell of these cleaners can give your employees headaches and end their workday early.

Green cleaning agents are all-natural and often organic, using materials found in the earth rather than in a chemical laboratory. They are considered “soft” cleansers, rather than harsh, and they are generally agreeable with everyone’s allergies and sensitivities who happens to be working your office. And because of this, continued use of green cleaning agents by your cleaning company will help to reduce the number of people who come to the office energetic and leave with a headache — or irritated eyes and skin.

Sick Building Syndrome can be conquered by effective cleaning and cutting-edge green technologies. When hiring a commercial cleaning company in New York, it’s important to pay attention not only to how well they do their job, but which method products of the trade they use when they’re on-site. For a green cleaning company that is sure to satisfy contact today!

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