Commercial Cleaning Services in Brooklyn

For the very finest in commercial cleaning services in Brooklyn, customers can rely on the professionals at 1st Class Cleaning. We specialize in janitorial service contracts and construction cleanup work, providing our clients with teams of skilled, bonded field workers who understand the importance of keeping a work area dirt-free and sanitized.

The workplace is an inviting area for bacteria to breed and for allergens to concentrate. One of the primary reasons for excessive company overhead costs is the loss of manpower due to illness. It is of vital importance to keep the office, warehouse, school, or community center free from any type of contaminating agents. It is equally important to use environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not introduce harmful toxins into the immediate environment.

All Commercial Cleaning Services Provided

At 1st Class Cleaning, keeping the workplace sparkling clean is just a part of our services. Our company is dedicated to dispatching reliable, dependable workers that arrive on time, armed with everything they need to complete the job.

We cover all the bases by providing:

•    Approved Green Seal cleaning products
•    HEPA approved vacuuming equipment
•    All necessary equipment including mops, brushes, and towels
•    Garbage disposal services

We believe that using environmentally friendly cleaners, polishers, window washes, and stain removers is important not only because it helps give our local watershed a break, it also keeps potentially harmful substances out of the workplace. Many of the popular cleaning solutions on the market today contain pharmaceutically developed chemicals that can actually cause dangerous health conditions including cancer, respiratory problems, and serious allergic reactions.

We send our commercial cleaning service workers to the job site with the most advanced vacuuming equipment on the market. The result is a dust-free, germ-free workplace, filled with fresh, breathable air.

Our clients need not worry about supplying any towels, mops, or brushes. We dispatch our field workers with all the necessary equipment required to complete every job, no matter how big or small. We also take care of all trash and commercial refuse, and we even provide separation of garbage and recyclable items.

Information About Pricing

One of our company representatives will be happy to give the job site a complete inspection and provide an estimate based on the square footage and the actual services needed. Repeat business saves the client money because we charge by the job, not by the hour. If additional janitors or commercial maid personnel are needed on a moment’s notice, we will alter the contract accordingly. Our rate of customer satisfaction is one of the highest in the industry, and we pride ourselves on the many long-term relationships with commercial customers that we currently enjoy.

Any Time Of The Day Or Night

Our professional janitors are ready to go to work at whatever hour best suits the client. Most of our commercial customers prefer that cleaning services be performed in the evening hours, and we will be happy to discuss any after-hour safety and security concerns with potential clients. Our company is fully licensed, is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Greater New York, and all of our field agents are bonded.

For the very finest in affordable commercial cleaning services in Brooklyn, call 800-309-7881 or use our convenient online contact page for submitting information to obtain a price estimate. At 1st Class Cleaning, our job is to provide the most eco-friendly janitorial service available. We perform this job with a smile, each and every day.

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