Commercial Cleaning Contracts Queens

In order to maintain a clean, healthy environment for employees and clients to thrive, it is essential to select a professional cleaning service that can maintain your corporate space to the highest standards. The most efficient way to keep an office clean is by securing a professional commercial cleaning contract.

The first impression a client gets when walking into your office building can be crucial in how their opinion of you and your corporate organization is forever formed. A respected business demands a clean space that projects integrity and attention to detail.

Aside from impressing outside clients, a clean office is an investment in the health and well being of your staff. As an employer, you have a responsibility to upkeep high standards of sanitation in the environment where employees work. Dust, mold and build up can have adverse health effects on employees who spend hours at the desks. Since many city offices have little ventilation, it is essential that the re-circulated air is fresh and clean so that toxins and allergens don’t linger. Dust particles from rugs and upholstery that are not properly cleaned pose an air quality danger since they can thicken the air and effect breathing.

If you own or manage a corporate space that has a cafeteria or food service on the premises, it is especially critical to seek the help of a professional commercial cleaning service. Refrigerators that are not routinely emptied can lead to mold and leakage of rotten materials. Break rooms can be a bastion for bacteria. Spoiled and rotting food left behind can lead to leakage and mold. Food left unsecured can cause negative health consequences, as well as rodent and insect infestations that will spread to the rest of the office. Employees often forget that food needs to be disposed of properly, especially over weekends or long holidays, which makes scheduled professional cleaning essential.

Employees and clients must have access to a safe, sanitary restroom facility. It is pivotal that restrooms receive proper cleaning and replenishment of supplies. The proper disposal of waste and personal care items is something that must be handled hygienically. In addition, systematic refills of soaps, papers towels ensure that employees have the resources to maintain a sterile environment.

Proper cleaning is insurance on your costly corporate investment. By making sure you’re your floors and surfaces are maintained and that garbage is never left to accumulate, you are protecting the value of your building. Properly cleaning floor surfaces and carpets will increase their longevity and stave off decay.

Neglecting to have your office space properly cleaned has consequences that go beyond a messy appearance. You risk not only turning off clients, but complaints and lawsuits from employees whose health has been compromised by environmental factors. Take advantage of a premium cleaning service by contacting 1st Class Cleaning at today!

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