Cleaning Your NYC Apartment With Guests on the Way? Get It Done in 30 Minutes or Less

Cleaning Your NYC Apartment With Guests on the Way? Get It Done in 30 Minutes or LessDenying the fact that people are going to pop over to your apartment unexpectedly won’t prevent them from actually doing so.

When you need to get everything presentable and do it fast, you need to be strategic about what areas you focus on, how you clean them and in what order.

You’re obviously strapped for time. Throw on a playlist and let’s do this thing!

Gather Supplies

Even if you’ve been neglecting your chores, you hopefully have all these items somewhere that’s easily accessible.

  • All purpose cleaning spray
  • Dish soap
  • Foaming bathroom cleanser
  • Glass cleaner
  • Trash bag(s)
  • Sponges
  • Paper towels or clean cloths
  • Vacuum

Bathroom: 1 Minute

Remove everything from the ledges of your tub, sink and toilet tank.

Spray the tub, inside the toilet and the sink with your foaming cleanser.

Grab any dirty laundry that’s laying around and bring them to the laundry basket in your bedroom.

Bedroom: 5 Minutes

Dump your laundry in the laundry basket and put the basket in the closet or some other obscure, hard-to-see area.

Make your bed. If you can only do one thing here, this is the thing to do. A neat bed will make the rest of the room look much tidier than it really is. It should only take you about a minute (don’t be anal retentive about it).

Pick up any dirty laundry you have scattered around in here and add it to the pile in your closet or other well-hidden area.

If you have clean items hanging around in your floordrobe, simply drape them over a chair or the edge of your bed as if they’re just waiting to be hung up.

On you way out, grab any snack wrappers or water glasses you have lying around. Toss them in the trash and head to the living room.

Living Room: 5 Minutes

Straighten and fluff cushions and pillows. Arrange tastefully (but not anally). Fold any blankets or throws and toss them on the back of the sofa or in your storage ottoman.

Collect remote controls and tidy up the end tables. Straighten any books or magazines sitting there. Toss out junk mail or old catalogs (or stuff them in a draw ‘til you can sort through them properly).

Grab any snack wrappers or water glasses that may be sitting around and put them in the kitchen sink.

Kitchen: 10 minutes

If folks are pulling in the driveway and you only have time for a single chore, do your dishes! Nothing says “filth” quite like a sinkful of cruddy dishes.

If you’ve got a dishwasher, simply toss everything in there and bless your lucky stars.

If you haven’t, fill up the sink halfway with hot, soapy water. Let the dishes soak and take a couple minutes to put away any clean dishes or foodstuff away.

Wipe the counters with your all-purpose spray and toss any trash in the bin. Go back to the sink and scrub while they’re submerged in the hot, soapy water. Drain the dirty water when you’re done and rinse the dishes. Take care of any stuck-on goo and toss everything in the drying rack.

Go back to your bathroom.

Bathroom: 5 – 10 minutes

You’re spending a little more time here because it’s almost guaranteed that at least one guest will want to use the loo.

Your scrubbing cleaner will have taken care of most of the work for you. Wipe down the tub, toilet and sink and rinse.

Spray down your mirrors and glass surfaces with your glass cleaner. Use it to get the toothpaste spittle off your chrome fixtures.

Straighten hand and bath towels and empty the trash bin. Glance around to make sure no embarrassing or stray items have been left hanging around. Store them discreetly if they are.

Grab your vacuum and use it to get up any stray hairs and nail clippings. Use the hose attachment around the base of the cupboards and the toilet.

(If you have tile floors, make sure you’re not using a vacuum with a beater bar. If that’s all you have, use only the hose attachment.)

Guests Running Late?

Great! Take that time to vacuum up the living room and kitchen and put that as well as your cleaners back in their homes.

Ain’t Got Time for That?

It’s alright. Close doors to the dirty areas you don’t want people to go (like the bedroom). Skip cleaning the tub, close the curtain or shower doors and hope that your guests aren’t the snoopy kind — unfortunately, Mom will still notice.

Still Waiting?

Comb your hair, dab on a little makeup, change your clothes, pour the wine or simply take a moment to catch your breath.

You did good, champ!

1st Class Cleaning is a professional cleaning company serving the greater NYC area. If you want to avoid these last-minute cleanups, you might want to give us a call and ask us about setting up a regular cleaning schedule that you’ll never have to be involved in.

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