Cleaning up During Construction of New Home

Although the thought of moving into a newly-built home can be exciting, the cleaning up during construction of a new home can be something that the homeowners were not expecting. When contractors are in and out of the house laying tile, piping, and wiring, large messes can accumulate, and some of these contractors might not consider themselves responsible for a portion of it. In these cases, a professional cleaning service can help add the finishing touches to a newly-built home. 1st Class Cleaning serves the New York metro area; from apartment buildings to offices to houses, this company specializes in paying attention to even the smallest details in cleaning. During construction clean-up, they guarantee that the homes they visit are vacuumed, polished, and scrubbed from top to bottom.

Much of clean up during construction of a new home is obvious, such as dust that has accumulated from sanding wood or drilling. Other less obvious dirt can actually be harmful to one’s health, which makes a professional cleaning service worth the investment. The longer that dust is allowed to sit, the worse the problem can become. 1st Class Cleaning uses the most advanced cleaning supplies to get the dirt and dust out of every crevice, and they use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products. 1st Class Cleaning adheres to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines, and it uses Green Seal-approved products and HEPA vacuums to minimize the spread of allergens.
Even when appliances and fixtures are new, it does not necessarily mean that they are clean and ready to use. Toilets, sinks, and tubs, for instance, must be given a thorough scrub to remove any harmful bacteria. During construction, carpet can collect dust that might not be visible, but it can irritate those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. People who are sensitive to dust particles will likely need the thorough cleaning of air ducts, carpets, and floors before being able to move in and enjoy the new house.

Even the most considerate contractors will leave dust particles behind after their job is done. Cleaning up during construction of new homes can be a daunting task for new homeowners to undertake, so if they are ready to let the experts take care of it, 1st Class Cleaning is up to the task. They pay great attention to detail, as evidenced by their listing of tasks for new construction. A few examples include vacuuming window tracks, heating/cooling ducts, and wall/baseboard edges. Cupboards and cabinets are cleaned inside and out so that dust particles don’t get onto food products and dishes. This meticulousness ensures that a new home is truly new when homeowners set foot into it and get ready to personalize their home.

For anyone who is excited about moving into a newly-built home, the last thing on their mind is probably the cleanup involved after construction – this should not have to be dealt with alone.

1st Class Cleaning focuses on every fixture, appliance, and surface in a house to add the final dimension of newness to a newly-constructed home and help homeowners get a fresh start.

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