Cleaning Up After Construction: How to Get Rid of All That Dust!

SONY DSCConstruction projects create an incredible amount of dust. It’s actually called microdust, and when the crew packs up and leaves, it becomes clear that they haven’t taken everything with them. That left-behind dust settles on everything—floors, window sills, doorframes, light fixtures…every nook, cranny and crevice it can find.

Every Project Creates Dust

And while most reputable contractors will make an effort to clean it up, it’s simply not reasonable to expect that they will get every last bit. A lot is usually still suspended in the air by the time they leave. Hiring a professional cleaning team to come take care of it is always going to be your best bet. You can try and defeat it on your own, but you’ll still notice a thin layer dust on your furniture and tchotchkes months or even years down the road. This is largely due to your HVAC system.

HVACs Make It Worse

As your system circulates air through your home, it’s also picking up dust and other particulates from the air and moving them to the ducts. As the air flows from the supply vent to the return vent, a fine layer of dust will settle on everything in between. Filters will capture some of it, but there is still a great deal that will be redispersed into your home through the supply vents.

Misery for the Allergy-Prone

Microdust isn’t just a cleaning problem. It’s also a health problem. Those who suffer from allergies will find that their symptoms won’t go away or get worse when they get home—the one place they should feel comfortable. Microdust can sit in your heating and cooling ducts for weeks, only to picked up by a draft of air and blown back into your home. It will settle in tight areas that can be difficult to clean with standard home equipment and get kicked up as people move through the home.

Professionals Have the Proper Equipment and Know How

It’s unlikely that you have microdust-cleaning equipment lying around your home or office. Chances are your cleaning crew hasn’t invested in it either, which means you’re unlikely to ever get rid of the dust unless you work with professional company that has made these investments.

1st Class Cleaning has all the right equipment and a time-tested process for truly freeing your home of dust. We use HEPA vacuums with high quality filters and take our time to ensure that we remove dust from every surface, crevice, nook and cranny of your home.

We Won’t Overlook Other Post-Construction Chores

When contractors install new fixtures, they leave the stickers on assuming you’ll remove them yourself. It’s to remind you that the high price you’re now paying is for the special coating on your windows and the high quality brand names on your faucets, read more. But this is a pretty tedious chore.

We can remove all the stickers and the stubborn adhesives, scrub the fixtures and polish them to a flawless shine so you can enjoy the new look of your home without struggling to make it perfect.

We take the time to handle the little but important details, like vacuuming your window tracks and wiping down lighting fixtures inside and out.

If you’re in the NYC area and want to be free from the dust left behind after your latest construction project, contact 1st Class Cleaning today! We can discuss pricing, appointments and some of the additional services we offer during construction clean up.

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