Cleaning Tips to Prevent Seasonal Allergies in Manhattan

Cleaning Tips to Prevent Seasonal Allergies in ManhattanAllergies are never fun. Rather than dreading the beautiful transition of Manhattan’s seasons, start cleaning your way to respiratory bliss. If you’re getting annoyed of the constant sneezing, coughing, whiffing, and watery eyes that make you look like you’re grieving over an ex (or you just chopped some onions), it’s time to sanitize.

Pollen, dust mites, grass, mold, or even your pet’s dandruff can trigger your allergies. That means no room of your house is exempt from getting a thorough cleanup of allergens. Whether you’re dealing with a rainy spring or humid summer, it would be wise to use the following pointers and perhaps get rid of your allergy medications one day!

Tackle the Points of Entry

The entry ways of your home are probably the last place you would think of cleaning for the sake of diminishing allergies, but they serve as venues for mold and pollen to enter your home from outside. Wash all sides of your doors, including small passages, such as pet doors.

Also, be sure to vacuum or mop your floors on a regular basis so as to remove any residue that may have been left over from shoe steps. If you have pets, you should do this everyday. You can even utilize the “no shoes” policy inside your house and place shoes on the doormat. Don’t forget to clean your mats frequently, too.

Keep in mind that the floors of the areas of your home that are most habitually resided in should be cleaned at least twice a week. It’s recommended to use a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system to completely keep allergens out and stuck in the vacuum bag.

Sanitize Your Bathroom, Bedroom and Living Room(s)

The three rooms mentioned above should be paid close attention to since you probably spend most of your time in them.


You should especially take preventive measures in your bathroom since it’s one of the moist areas of your home, therefore, making it the most suitable habitat for mold and mildew growth. Seeing as how bathrooms are the wettest vicinities and are home to human dandruff and other particles, you should focus on:

  • Keeping the humidity levels in your bathroom extra low, to about fifty percent.
  • Replacing carpet (if you have that) with tile flooring.
  • Implementing a dehumidifier and exhaust fan.
  • Washing your shower curtains at hot temperatures.

Bedroom & Living Room

Make sure to wash your bedroom linens once a week to avoid bacteria buildup (use hot water).  And don’t dry your sheets or clothing outside! Use your dryer so as to make sure you’re not exposed to pollen or extra humidity.

Don’t keep anything under your bed and regularly vacuum the area to eradicate the accumulation of dust. When it comes to your household furniture, clean behind all pieces of furniture, including your bed, couches, TV shelves and dresses. Do this on a monthly basis.

Keep Away Seasonal Allergies for Good!

1st Class Cleaning understands New York’s atmosphere. Our professionals can save you from having to be exposed to allergens while cleaning and can minimize the risk of missing an area that can make your allergies worse. Contact us today to enjoy relaxing at home without reaching for a tissue.

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