Your Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist

Having a party is a great motivation to get your house in perfect working order, which of course means doing a deep and serious cleaning. When guests arrive at the door, your place should gleam, which is the perfect invitation for them to relax, enjoy, and bask in your hospitality.

Success is in the Details

Success is in the details when it comes to a thorough cleanse, but don’t stress!  If you start a few weeks ahead of time, you’ll be all right. Depending on how completely you want to clean your home, a week before should be fine if you aren’t ready for attacking the closets yet!

A Little Bit of Cleaning Each Day

Doing a little bit each day will help to keep you steady and calm. Use the weekend for the big stuff, and make sure you’ve gotten all your cleaning supplies together ahead of time. This includes large garbage bags, boxes for putting in your giveaways, and crates for clutter. Then get a rocking musical playlist together, and ready, set, go!

Let’s divide your holiday party cleaning checklist into two simple sections: The Big Cleaning and The Day Of:

The Big Cleaning

Yes, it is unavoidable, at least most of it. Some things can wait, but most not. First, get ready to wash your windows, cleaning the glass, as well as all around the windowpanes and sills. Wipe all of your doorknobs, doorjambs, and light switches to get the smudges off, and if you see any on your walls, take a swipe at them as well.

Mopping and Vacuuming

Flex those muscles and move your furniture around for mopping and vacuuming your floors. Make sure you tackle the rugs as well, giving them a good go around with the vacuum brush to get all pet hairs, dander, dust, and debris out. Vacuum your upholstery, and don’t forget your ceiling and baseboard moldings, as well as any vents.

Wiping Surfaces, Replacing Bulbs

Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth, polish the furniture, replace lightbulbs if you need to, and clean all of your light fixtures, including the shades.

Attending to the Crystal and Silver

Do you have good crystal and silver? Well, if there was a time to pay attention to them, its now. Any glass vases with stains? Put a few tablespoons of lemon juice inside and fill with hot water, letting it stand for a few hours. Rinse, and voila! Crystal clear. Polish your silver well, and if traditional silver polish isn’t at hand, use toothpaste, which is just as good.

Now, For the Bathroom

In the bathroom, scrub your sink and tub, getting into the grout and between the tiles wherever they are. Wash your cotton shower curtain and replace the inner liner if it needs it. Clean the mirror and all surfaces and then get into your bathroom cabinets. Remove everything, clean the area thoroughly, throw away anything that looks old or that has only a few drops left inside. Put what you don’t use in a box for giveaway and then organize what’s left and put it away.

Cleaning the Closets

Follow this rule with your closets. If you haven’t worn something in a long time, give it away to someone who needs it. Organizing your clothing, towels, and sheets will help you feel good about your home. Even if your guests don’t see the work you’ve done, you know you did it and you’ll sense the difference.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, do the same with your cabinets and fridge, removing everything, sorting, tossing, giving away, and organizing. Scrub your sink, stovetop, and hood if you have one, and any other area that needs a good deal of elbow grease applied.

Recycle, Stack, Organize

Recycle any old newspapers, magazines, and junk mail that are hanging around. Stack the magazines you want to keep and put them in a basket. Clean and organize your bookshelves. Put toys in a big crate and place them in the kids’ room.

The Day Of:

So now the big party day has arrived. You should feel good, knowing that all the big stuff has been done and now you only need to give your house the once over, plus a few major last minute chores. Let’s take a look and see what they are…

The Bedroom

Make the beds with fresh linens and put your best blankets and covers on top, draping the foot area with beautiful throws. Remember, your guests will probably put their coats in your bedroom, so make sure its a room your proud of. Put a vase full of red roses on the nightstand and a few scented candles around the room to make it inviting.

Laundry and Last Minute Touches

Do the laundry and any ironing that might be necessary. Put fresh towels in the bathrooms, including your best hand towels. Extras can be rolled up and put into a big basket. Check for smudges on your mirrors and give your toilet and all surfaces a last once over. Make sure all of your trash bins are empty. Put scented candles and a vase of flowers on available counter space.

Dishes, Counters, Sink, and Fridge

Do all of the dishes and make sure your dishwasher is empty and ready for stacking when you need it during and after the party. Wipe all your counters and freshen up the sink. Check the fridge again to ensure that there is enough space for leftovers.

Be Judgmental!

Cast a judgmental eye over your floors and give them the last vac-over. Make sure no new cobwebs have accumulated anywhere, and do a final surface wipe or dusting. Straighten your coffee tables and do a final clutter-watch, putting any stray items into a box and storing it in the attic or garage for now. Fluff up those pillows and cushions and then fold beautiful throws over your furniture, especially where there are stains and scratches!

Creating a Pristine Entryway

Create a pristine entryway, shaking out your doormat and creating a welcoming environment with beautiful lighting, candles, or any other decoration that speaks of holiday time. Put a rubber or baking tray near the door for your guests to put their wet or muddy shoes and boots, and have some slip on one-size-fits-all slippers ready for those who need them.

Clean As You Go

The best advice once the party is rolling is to clean as you go. Wash, dry, and put away your kitchen items after you use them, keep the sink clear, and try to create space on your counters as more plates and glasses land there. Put whatever you can in the dishwasher and run it when it’s full. Of course you don’t want to be spending your party time doing chores, but doing a little bit here and there when you can will help you clean up easier in the end.

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