Why You Should Clean Your Bathroom Often

The most visited room in the home, your bathroom will quickly become a mess if you aren’t cleaning it regularly. When you neglect the bathroom, soap scum has time to build up, mildew starts to take hold and the entire room can start looking a little frightening. With regular care, however, your bathroom will always be shining, sparkling and company ready.

Don’t Give Mold a Chance

When you wait months to clean the bathroom, you might find yourself battling a thick layer of mold. Growing in the crevices and along corners, it can take root in your caulk and become impossible to remove. There are solutions to help you battle the mold, but you won’t have to pull out the bleach, Borax and ammonia if you clean the bathroom regularly. Wiping off the walls with gentle detergent will prevent the mold from taking hold, so you won’t have to spend an hour scrubbing.

Odors Make the Room Seem Dirty

While you are waiting for the right time to clean the bathroom, odors are moving in and taking over. The lingering scent of dried urine can make even a sparkling bathroom seem filthy, and mildew in the towels will make the bathroom smell terrible. Regular cleaning is necessary to avoid these unpleasant odors and ensure that the bathroom looks as clean as it smells.

Clutter Makes the Bathroom Feel Claustrophobic

A collection of hair tools, makeup and shaving accessories may be necessary for the morning routine, but it makes the bathroom feel cluttered and small. These items have a habit of multiplying when they are left out. Find a home for everything so it will be out of sight. Take a moment every day to put your supplies away when you are finished. It’s a daily chore that will keep your bathroom looking nice and make it easier to clean.

Avoid Stains on Fabric

Your shower curtain, hand towels and rugs make a big difference in how the bathroom looks. Unfortunately, they are easily stained. The shower liner can pick up rust colored stains, and the carpet becomes dirty quickly from all the traffic. Wash these items about once a week to prevent odors from becoming trapped in the fibers and ensure that they look clean. It only takes a few minutes to take them out of the room and put them back in, and the bathroom will look clean and smell fresh when you’re done.

Banish Sticky Floors and Dull Surfaces

Spray-on deodorants, perfumes and hair spray have a tendency to gently drift a light residue over a large area. Over time, it starts to build up and dull surfaces. The floors won’t shine, and they might even start feeling sticky. Scrub the floors and wipe off surfaces at least once a week to keep ahead of the problem and maintain shiny surfaces.

Cleaning the bathroom regularly will keep it company ready throughout the month. Waiting until you have a free afternoon to scrub the entire room will result in more work as you scrub away stains, fight thick layers of mold and try to remove the built-up residue from aerosol sprays. If you don’t have time to invest in regular cleanings, then consider hiring the professionals to assist you. The team at 1st Class Cleaning offers customized cleaning plans that will work with your needs and appointments that suit your schedule. Visit them today at www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com to learn how they can help you keep your bathroom company ready through the busy month.

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