Why Steam is the Best Way to Clean Your Grout

why steam is the best way to clean your groutThere are several different ways to clean grout. You can pull out the traditional favorites like vinegar and ammonia, make your own solution with baking soda, or scrub grout with commercial chemicals. However, the best way to clean your grout may be the incredible power of steam. Environmentally friendly, safe for the family and highly effective, it’s one of the top choices among commercial cleaners in Manhattan.

Restore the Color

White grout brings out the shape and colors of your tiles, but it can start to look terrible if it’s hosting a layer of mold or covered under dirt. Powerful steam seeps deep into the grout to loosen dirt or mildew and help clear it out of the way. Grout that’s been steam cleaned often winds up looking like new, and that means your tiles look like new.

The Deep Down Clean

The high temperatures in steam help sanitize the surface of your shower. While chemical cleaners only remove superficial dirt and grime, steam penetrates the grout to remove stains that are deep in the material. In addition to making the surface look better, the steam also kills bacteria, contagious pathogens and mold spores. Stains will not come back, and you won’t have to worry about your family getting sick from chemicals or bacteria. It’s the deep down clean that chemicals cannot provide.

Preserve the Grout

Harsh chemicals that remove stains from grout may actually be taking off the surface layer. They can degrade the surface and leave it more prone to damage. Grout that’s regularly cleaned with heavy chemicals will not last as long as grout that’s been treated with safe and effective steam.

Polish the Tiles

As the steam is passed over the grout, it can also be passed over your natural or ceramic tiles. The same process that leaves your grout looking like new will also polish your tiles. It removes dirt, wipes out fingerprints and leaves the surface sparkling clean. Your entire bathroom will be clean and inviting after it’s received a high-temperature steam treatment and polishing.

Better for the Environment

Steam is an amazing cleaning tool that works without any heavy chemicals, abrasives or dangerous solvents. It kills germs without posing a risk to waterways or your indoor air quality. This is why it’s the top choice for anyone who’s concerned about protecting the environment. There are no harmful pollutants entering the air, and you won’t have to worry about your family becoming sick from the fumes.

If you’re ready to have your bathroom cleaned and polished, then leave the heavy chemicals at the store and turn to the reliable power of steam. 1st Class Cleaning is happy to offer this service for home and business owners throughout the greater Manhattan area. We take pride in our meticulous work, and we’ll help you with all of your household cleaning needs. Call us at (800) 309-7881 to learn more about our steam cleaning services and customized cleaning plans.

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