Why Microfiber Cloths Are So Popular

Why Microfiber Cloths Are So PopularWe suggest the use of microfiber cloths in a lot of our articles, but why? Well, the short answer is that they’re nearly unparalleled when it comes to collecting and trapping dust and dirt. When you use a feather duster or standard cotton cloths, you’re really just pushing dust from one place to another or dispersing it into the air and leaving it to settle back down on everything you just dusted. Microfiber actually removes dust. And when it comes to cleaning glass and chrome, nothing leaves a streak-free shine quite like microfiber. Cotton can actually leave residue on your surfaces, but because microfiber is made from polyester there’s less stuff left behind.

Two Textures for Two Kinds of Cleaning

The only thing you need to remember is that microfiber cloths usually have two sides – a heavily textured, scrubby looking one and a smooth looking one. Make sure you’re using the smooth side on your glass and chrome surfaces. The scrubby site is better for dusting and surfaces with stuck-on food, dried up toothpaste, and other areas that require a little more elbow grease.

The Science of Microfiber

Let’s say you want to clean a cement floor as quickly and thoroughly as possible. You could use a toothbrush, but you don’t have until next century to get it clean. Chances are you’d choose a nice, big bristly brush to cover a lot of surface area but still give it a real good, deep-down scrubbing. You might even call in a couple friends to help you.

Now imagine that your kitchen counter is the cement floor. You want the same kind of deep-down clean, but can’t use a gigantic brush or even a big cloth. Microfiber cloths are the scaled-down equivalent of that big bristly brush. Ordinary cotton cleaning cloths don’t have a whole lot of fibers. You can see them and you know big they are. But the fibers on a microfiber cloth are much, much smaller and are there in much higher quantities (hence the name micro – fiber, right? Haha!) Anyway, using a microfiber cloth is the equivalent of you and several of your buddies scrubbing with a regular cotton cloth.

Microfibers are so great at cleaning because they’re able to grab up even the most microscopic dirt particles, ones that cotton cloths can’t handle. In fact, there are adhesive forces at work when it comes to microfibers and dirt – the attraction is real, people! If you want to get heavy into the science, read about van der Waals forces. Essentially, the number of microfibers is so much greater than the number of dirt particles that it creates a magnetic effect, which is why dust and dirt can’t escape one of these cloths. It’s also why you have to clean them so carefully and so thoroughly.

Cleaning Microfiber Cloths

Always use a cooler setting on your dryer since hot air can ruin the fibers (and that magnetic pull!) Never use fabric softener or normal detergents since this will also make them less effective at trapping dust. Some people suggest simply boiling the cloth in a saucepan. These cloths generally come with manufacturers instructions, so if you’re not sure what to do, just look at the tag and follow those.

Have you used microfiber to clean your home? If so, tell us what you thought in the comments section!

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