Tips to Clean Your Bathroom Under 20 Minutes

Keeping your bathroom clean is part of ensuring a healthy house. The bathroom is full of bacteria that can cause serious illness. Cleaning up on a daily basis will prevent sickness and keep your bathroom inviting to guests.

The grout between tiles can become permanently stained if dirt or spills soak into the surface. Soap scum build-up is hard to remove when it has a few weeks to stick to the wall. A few twenty minute sessions of cleaning each week can keep your bathroom in good condition.

Focus On The Most Important Parts

The toilet is home to most of the bacteria in the bathroom, making it a prime target for regular cleaning. Spray your favorite disinfectant in the bowl and run a toilet brush around it to kill bacteria in less than three minutes. Wipe the counter with a disinfectant and a damp sponge to quickly catch any toothpaste or hair products.

Rinse the shower and tub for a minute to wash away loose hair and soap suds. Spray a foaming cleaner on any deposits of scum and let it stand while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Some products can remove light scum build-up without any scrubbing.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

It’s much easier to save time on cleaning when you don’t have to spend ten minutes just hunting down the tools. Quick cleaning wipes can help you disinfect toilet seats and wipe down faucets very quickly. These can be flushed or tossed out when you are done.

Keep a sponge next to your sink. A damp sponge can be used to quickly pick up any specks of toothpaste or spilled cosmetics. Doing this every time you brush your teeth could save you an entire cleaning session at the end of the week.

Remove Clutter

Leaving a lot of cosmetic and skin care bottles on the counter makes it hard to clean up quickly. Bits of hair and dust gather between the jars. Try putting up any products you don’t use on a daily basis in a cabinet or a medicine cabinet. You can choose a storage device that is attractive, helping you decorate while you reduce clutter.

Use The Right Tools

Certain tools speed up the cleaning process. Pick up a squeegee to make cleaning a shower very easy. You can remove water at the end of each shower to prevent mineral build-up and thick layers of soap scum that require scrubbing.

The squeegee also works for cleaning glass and mirrors. Spray the surface down with a glass cleaning product, then remove it in one swipe. You won’t be left with streaks or lint. A simple cotton cloth can also be used to remove water after you clean faucets to prevent water spots.

If you don’t have twenty minutes a week to devote to cleaning, try hiring a team from A professional team will ensure there are no spots left on the mirror. You will be left with more free time to spend with your family.

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