The Simplest Way to Clean the Skylights in Your Studio Apartment

the simiplest way to clean the skylights in your nyc apartmentSkylights are one of the hardest areas in your home to clean. You need a chair or sturdy ladder to reach them, and the angled surface of the glass means that most of your cleaning solution won’t stay in place. However, you want them to be clean to maximize the light coming through and make your home more attractive. Here are some tips to help you clean the skylights and make them look great.

Special Cleaning Tools

You can make your own skylight cleaning tool by attaching a soft cloth to the end of a long pole, or you can buy one that’s reasonably priced at your local home improvement store. The nice thing about the commercial cleaners is that they feature a long padded surface for polishing the window and a squeegee for wiping off excess cleaner. You’ll also need a tall, sturdy ladder to get you closer to the skylight. Choose one with a utility shelf attached so that you can keep all your cleaning supplies within easy reach.

Start with the Dust

Nobody actually touches your skylight, so there shouldn’t be any fingerprints on it. Most likely what you’re dealing with is spiderwebs and dust. Use the soft, dry rag to gently wipe away the cobwebs and remove surface dust. You may find that the skylight is clean enough without going any further. If it looks filmy or still seems dirty, then you should proceed to the next step.

Get the Mop

A simple household mop is a valuable cleaning tool when it comes to skylights. Make sure the mop head is clean before you start working. Dampen the mop head and wring out extra water. Standing on the ladder, spray glass cleaner directly on the sponge head and then use the mop to scrub the interior of the skylight. After you gently scrub away the remaining residue and dust, you’re ready to dry and polish the surface.

The Final Polishing

Use the squeegee attachment to pull excess moisture from the skylight. You can wrap a paper towel around the squeegee to remove the remaining liquid from the bottom rim of the skylight. Using the soft, dry cloth on your cleaning tool, polish the window to remove any streaks.

Remember the Little Details

Don’t forget the small details around your window. You can use the dampened mop head to clean up the frame around your skylight and remove the dust from any hardware. This ensures that the entire fixture looks great and is ready for use.

This entire process can be a little bit time-consuming, and it’s also hard on your shoulders. However, your home interior will look so much better when you make the effort to scrub the skylights. If you’re worried about finding the time or energy to clean these forgotten windows, then you might want to turn this particular chore over to the professionals. 1st Class Cleaning offers customized cleaning services, and we’re happy to clean the skylights for you. Contact us today to request your personalized cleaning services and see how much better your home looks with sparkling skylights.

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