Residential Cleaning Services Brooklyn; Cost Effective Cleaning Tips

Keeping a house or apartment clean and tidy is difficult for many individuals because of the busy lifestyle they lead. Organizing a routine of washing, sanitizing, and disinfecting can be a real burden, especially for those whose calendar is already full. One of the most cost-effective ways for Brooklyn residents to maintain a clean, healthy home is to contract with a professional cleaning service.

For residential cleaning services, Brooklyn homeowners and apartment dwellers often call on 1st Class Cleaning. This company is a premier residential maid service that is dedicated to satisfying the customer, no matter how large or small the job. This company has earned its reputation for efficient cleaning, reasonable rates, and dependable service. The cost of hiring a maid or cleaning crew is less than many think, and the time saved by the customer is more than worth the price paid.

Advantages Of Using A Maid Service

It is a myth that only the well-to-do can afford the services of a professional housekeeper. An organized maid service expertly dispatches personnel on time and on schedule, and the maid hired for the job will already be familiar with the cleaning procedure. This means that the company earns its profit by providing efficient service that is pleasing to the client, and it is able to schedule a huge number of appointments per day throughout the city.
Residential customers enjoy the following benefits when using a maid service:

•    Low-cost per hour or per appointment
•    Free time to spend on other activities
•    A sanitized, healthy home environment
•    No equipment to buy
•    Dependable service
•    Discounts on repeat service

Many homeowners and apartment dwellers in Brooklyn find that cleaning and sanitizing takes much more time than they estimated. Preparing the equipment, getting out the soaps and cleansers, and disposing of garbage can take an entire morning or afternoon because the routine is unfamiliar. A professional house cleaning service employs experts who conduct their business on a pre-programmed schedule. The maid or cleaning crew is familiar with how to organize the job into segments, resulting in fast service at a low cost to the client.

The customer need not be home while the maid or cleaning crew is on the job. Most professional cleaning companies dispatch personnel who are fully bonded, and the client can rest assured that the home’s valuables are safe when the field staff are on the premises.

Professional cleaning services help out the environment as well. Harsh chemicals are not used to clean surfaces, fixtures, or appliances. Instead, environmentally safe soaps and surfactants are used. These green cleaning products are not harmful to humans or pets, and do not leave toxic residues on floors, countertops, or in the air.

Residential cleaning personnel arrive with all the equipment needed to perform the job. This means that the customer need not supply mops, brooms, towels and wipes, cleaning products, vacuuming equipment, or any hand tools.

Expert residential maid services can schedule a large number of appointments simultaneously throughout the borough. Their manner of scheduling ensures that maids will arrive on time, ready to work. If the customer is pleased with the results of the initial cleaning, the same maid or field crew can be scheduled for repeat service. This means the customer can be appointed a personal cleaning crew for subsequent visits.

Another benefit of using a professional maid service is the price discount for regular visits. The customer may be charged an hourly rate for the initial cleaning, but recurring billing may be a flat rate that is quite affordable.
What The Customer Can Expect

When choosing a professional cleaning service for residential cleaning, customers should ask the company whether an in-home inspection can be arranged free of charge. This gives the contractor an idea of the home’s layout, the amount of square footage involved, and what services need be performed. The company representative can formulate a cleaning plan that takes the least amount of time, saving the customer money.

The customer should be allowed to schedule an initial appointment at any time of day and on any day of the week. The crew will arrive on time, ready to work and with all supplies on hand. Depending on the amount of work required, services performed will be broken up into several different categories to make the most efficient use of the time permitted.

Basic housekeeping services include:

•    Vacuuming of carpets and hard surface floors
•    Cleaning of countertops and kitchen surfaces
•    Washing of windows
•    Cleaning bathroom fixtures and sanitizing floors and surfaces
•    Dusting of all living area surfaces
•    Removal of garbage

Maid service can also include the reorganizing of the pantry or cupboards, cleaning of the refrigerator and range hoods, removal of buildup in heating and air conditioning ducts, and cleaning the exterior surface of windows and doors.

Customers may also schedule laundry service. This can either be combined with the regular cleaning and sanitizing or performed during a separate visit.

Laundry services include:

•    Separating and washing loads
•    Drying and pressing of clean laundry
•    Folding and placing clothes in the dresser
•    Spot removal

Customers will be able to schedule a premium service that includes laundry and carpet cleaning in addition to the regular housekeeping duties. 1st Class Cleaning offers its Brooklyn clients the opportunity to plan and schedule a cleaning routine that involves laundry or deep cleaning services on certain visits, and the performing of general duties only on specific dates. This flexibility is not available from many of their competitors in the New York area.

When inquiring about affordable professional cleaning services, residential customers are encouraged to ask about free estimates and quotes for combined services, and also to find out about changes in appointment times and cancellations. A reputable company will be more than happy to change the schedule when the client is on vacation or needs extra work performed on a one-time basis.

Some Cost-Saving Tips For Customers

Before hiring a maid service, Brooklyn residents will want to draw up a rough draft of the cleaning duties that need to be performed. If there are any areas of the home that are not to be entered or disturbed, this should be noted and passed along to the company representative. Special cleaning instructions for certain fabrics can be highlighted and included in the directions given to the maid or cleaning crew.

If there are certain jobs that do not need to be performed on each and every visit, customers should note this when asking about price quotes. Clients can save money by scheduling a general cleaning routine on most visits and include premier service on a less frequent basis.

The cleaning company may also specialize in move-in/move-out cleaning. Quite often, Brooklyn residents have very little time to pack up and leave for their new home. This can be a concern for renters because the cleaning deposit with the landlord can be lost if the apartment is not left in perfect condition. A move-out cleaning will be performed by expert field personnel at the time the resident is leaving, usually completed in less than four hours.

Another cost-saving tip for residents is the affordable wall washing service available from maid contractors. Periodic cleaning of interior walls is time-consuming for the resident and involves removal of pictures and other objects, washing and rinsing, and careful floor protection from drips. A maid service can be contracted to perform the entire job, rates for which will depend on the square footage of the walls.

Caring For The Environment

Many of the harsh chemicals available in stores are not recommended for use inside the home. These products introduce toxins into the atmosphere, leave harmful residues, and can cause allergic reactions in humans and pets. 1st Class Cleaning uses only environmentally safe, non-toxic cleansers. Formulated with an organically derived base, these soaps, degreasers and surfactants will not adversely affect people or pets, nor will they cause damage to the environment after passing through the wastewater system.

The home is left in a completely sanitized, disinfected condition without the need to use toxic chemicals. The result is a fresh, clean indoor environment. Best of all, the maid or cleaning crew arrives with all the green cleaning products needed to perform the job, saving the customer the burden of choosing the proper cleaning solutions, sanitizers, and degreasers.

Another advantage to using these environmentally friendly products is that they are formulated without the granular base particulates that have such an adverse effect on surfaces. Many of the popular soaps and cleansers used today will scratch or discolor countertops and porcelain fixtures. The remarkable properties of organically derived cleaners makes this an impossibility.

Investment In The Home’s Value

Regular cleaning is not only affordable, it saves the client even more in the long run. A clean, sanitized home will not be overrun with pests such as roaches or ants. The carpets, countertops and fixtures retain their value for a longer period of time.

For expert cleaning services at affordable rates, Brooklyn residents can rely on the professional maids dispatched from 1st Class Cleaning. Customers will be delighted at the complete services offered and will be amazed at how truly affordable this cleaning service is. Contact them at and get a free, no-obligation quote for the home or apartment.

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