Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Quick Bathroom Cleaning TipsIt’s important to keep the bathroom clean, but finding time to scrub the porcelain can be a little more challenging. You want to have the room sparkle when you walk in, but you’d rather avoid spending hours cleaning the floor and shining the mirror. The good news is that there are ways to drastically speed up the cleaning process.

Get Baby Wipes and a Squeegee

The cool thing about baby wipes is that they’re great for a quick wipe-down. Once a day, use a wipe to clean off the sink, counter, and the commode. You can also use them to wipe off messes on the vanity, the floor around the commode and even around the edge of the tub. Keep up with this and your weekly scrub will go much faster. After your shower, use the squeegee to wipe off the walls and dry them faster. This will put an end to soap scum, water spots and most mildew build-up.

Eliminate the Clutter

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” Find space in cupboards and drawers to clean off the counters and get rid of the clutter. The less you have to move, the faster your clean-up will go. This goes for any open shelves where dust might collect. In the closet, keep the clutter down so that you have plenty of storage space for the items you actually use.

Handy Supplies

While you’re organizing the closet, make room for your cleaning supplies. Keep the toilet brush, special cleaners and a feather duster in this area. This way, you can do a quick clean-up whenever the mood strikes or you have time.

Washable Items

Stock up on washable items for the bathroom. On cleaning day, take your linen curtain, washable liner, hand towel and rug to the laundry room. Put them in the machine to start washing while you finish the room. When you’re done with the cleaning and wash, the bathroom will look brand new.

Allow to Soak

The most efficient cleaners know to let cleaning materials soak in while they continue working. Spray down the tub and shower walls with your chosen cleaner. Spritz your cleaner in the toilet bowl and scrub it around. Put some all-purpose cleaner in the sink and let it start to dry. While this is going, you can clean the other areas.

Top to Bottom

While the porcelain is enjoying a good soaking, take a moment to clean the mirror. You can use the damp paper towel from the mirror to shine the towel bar and wipe off the toilet paper holder. With fresh water and a clean rag, start wiping down the counter and tub. Leave the commode for last, and then toss the rag in the laundry. Finally, sweep and mop the floor.

This cleaning method makes shining the bathroom an easy and fast chore. Go through all the steps so that you won’t have to dread this regular chore. Another option is to invest in quick clean-ups during the week and let a qualified company like 1st Class Cleaning do the heavy scrubbing. We have green cleaners that smell great, and we’ll leave everything in the bathroom sparkling. We can provide you with a thorough one-time cleaning or a customized cleaning schedule to leave your entire house shining from top to bottom, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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