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A clean home is a treat and luxury. It’s a calming environment after a long day at work, and you will love being able to invite people over without worrying that the house is a mess. Your blood pressure will drop and you will find it easier to unwind after a hard day when your home is clean and welcoming. Luckily, keeping your house spic and span doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Here are some tips to help you keep the house clean and your life calmer.

General Tips

Use these basic tips to help you keep the whole house clean. These little changes in your lifestyle will keep the house generally cleaner and make your life simpler.

Forego Perfection

If you are a perfectionist, then your home might not be as clean as your friends would expect. Some perfectionists spend hours agonizing over every little detail in the house. Others recognize that they don’t have hours to dedicate to the project, so they do nothing at all instead. The old mantra about only doing something if you can do it right resonates a little too deeply with them.

If you fall into this trap, then it’s time to let perfection go. A rug that has been vacuumed quickly is still cleaner and far more attractive than one that has been ignored for weeks on end. Stop expecting perfection of yourself. Do what you can, give it a quick swipe, accept that it looks better than it did and move forward.

Keep Cleaning Tools Handy

You may like how the house looks when the cleaning tools are all stashed in the far corner of the garage, but that can make it discouraging to clean. Keep the cleaning tools where you will be more likely to actually use them. The kitchen only takes a few minutes to sweep, and you’re more likely to do it if the broom is somewhere in the room. While you don’t want the vacuum sitting in the living room, it should still be someplace where you can reach it easily and quickly.

Clean It While You’ve Got the Tool

If you pull out the vacuum to clean the living room, then you might want to take five minutes to also vacuum entry mats and the den. If the broom is in your hand for the kitchen, then take a moment to walk in the bathroom and sweep there. It takes just a few extra minutes, but it can make a huge difference. This is especially effective if you can master the art of doing a quick clean without worrying about things being perfect.

A Place for Everything

You may have heard the phrase, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” This should be one of your mantras. When items don’t have a clear home, they are often left out to become an eyesore. As you are cleaning, try to establish a home for everything in the house. It will make it easier to tidy up, and you’ll love being able to quickly find items that you are looking for.

Achieve Balance with the In and Out Rule

Clutter is the death of many a beautiful house. If you’ve ever watched a hoarding show, then you know how serious it can get. Even if you don’t hoard items, holding on to things you don’t need, use or love still robs your home of valuable storage space. When you buy something new, get rid of something old. If you bring in a new pair of shoes, find an old pair to donate. With this rule, your house will not become overwhelmed with stuff.

Make it a Family Affair

Families are teams, and it’s important to get everyone involved in the cleaning process. While you may feel like it’s faster to do the cleaning yourself, this does nothing to teach the kids about the importance of cleaning up after themselves. When it’s time to tidy the house, call the kids in and have them help. When they make a mess, take the time to have them return to the scene of the crime and correct the problem.

Set the Timer

It’s easy to get lost in cleaning. Unfortunately, that can make you late for appointments. If you have ten minutes to do some light cleaning, then set the timer and work for ten minutes. Stop when the bell tolls, and you will know that you have improved your home even if it’s still not perfect.

Tips for Individual Rooms

From the bathroom to the bedrooms, these quick and easy tips will help you keep the entire house in order.

A Clean Kitchen

Rinse the Dishes Immediately

You may not be able to load the dishes in the machine because it’s running, but you can still rinse off the dishes as they are used. Fresh food rinses away easily, and then you can place the dishes upside down so water won’t collect on them. Loading the dishwasher will be easier, the machine will work more effectively and the food won’t create any ugly odors in the house.

Constantly Patrol the Fridge

Countless jokes abound regarding leftovers in the fridge growing legs and walking away. If you have a habit of opening dishes that look like science experiments, then you might want to change how you approach the fridge. Every time you open it up for a drink or snack, see if there are dishes with leftovers inside. Pull them out, scrape them into the trash and rinse the bowls. Cleaning the fridge later will be a lot easier if you aren’t wasting time playing “name the dish.”

Clean Counters Make the Space

Nothing makes your house feel messy faster than cluttered counters. This is where having a place for everything comes in. Take a few minutes in the evening and clean off the counters. Have the kids help, and you will be rewarded in the morning with a kitchen that looks clean despite having a few dishes in the sink.
The Bathroom

Swish and Swipe

You have an opportunity to clean the bathroom every morning when you’re waiting for the water to heat up. Keep a box of baby wipes in the bathroom. While the hot water is reaching your shower, take a moment to wipe out the sink and shine the faucet. Clean around the toilet seat, and then squirt some cleaner in the bowl and allow it to soak while you take your shower. You can also use the baby wipes to collect dirt, dust and hair from the corners of the floor. It only takes a few minutes, and it will keep your bathroom ready for those surprise visitors.

Invest in Clean with a Laundry Hamper

You don’t need a huge bathroom to have a laundry hamper. Even a mesh bag hung on the back of the door will work beautifully. When clothes come off, they go right into the hamper. When guests are on their way, it takes two seconds to get the hamper out and to the laundry room.

A Sparkling Shower

Nobody wants to step into a shower that looks like it rolled out of the swamp. Hang a squeegee in the shower and use it to wipe water off the walls after you shower. If you don’ t have patience for this, there is another solution. The next time your shower is scrubbed and sparkling clean, take ten minutes to apply a sealer to the tile and grout. It’s the best way to keep your shower clean and sparkling without regular scrubbing.

A Beautiful Living Room

It’s Okay to Vacuum the Center

You may not have time to vacuum to every edge of the rug, but you probably have time to vacuum the center and main traffic areas. Even if you only have ten minutes before you head out to work, you can do a quick vacuum to get up loose dirt and leave the carpet a little cleaner.

One Rag Lots of Dust

Dusting can be a real chore, and you may not have much time to devote to it. Take one rag with a little bit of cleaner and go as far as you can. Lift items and take a quick swipe under them to get the dust up. The goal isn’t to clean the shelves to perfection. The goal is to remove the bulk of the dust, so your home will still look cleaner than it did.

Remove the Clutter

A buried coffee table and stacks of books can become an eyesore. Call the family in and start putting things where they go. Have kids collect their toys, send the stray socks to the laundry room and banish dishes back to the kitchen.

All of these cleaning tips will make it easier for you to clean your home and keep it fresh. If possible, spend a little time on the weekends taking care of deep cleaning and really polishing the home. You might want to consider investing in a regular cleaning service like 1st Class Cleaning if you live in the New York City area. They will take care of the deep cleaning and serious scrubbing, and then you will just have to take a few minutes in between visits to keep everything looking great. When they have taken care of the thorough dusting and scrubbing, your quick sessions during the week will prove highly effective. Visit http://www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com/ today to see how they can help you keep your home company-ready and your life more relaxed.

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