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Do you ever feel like your house is out of control? Is there a stack on the counter with no place to call home? The fact is that a disorganized house is often a cluttered home, and a cluttered home is never a source of joy or relaxation. Good organization can make all the difference in how clean your home is. When everything has a place, then it’s easy to keep your space neat and tidy.

Plastic Bins in the Linen Closet

If your linen closet is like most, it holds a lot more than just linens. Nail polish, first aid supplies, light bulbs and even air fresheners may be among the items stashed in these super handy spaces. While the linen closet may be handy for storing your hodge podge, it can quickly take on a life of its own.

Keep your closet in line and the items neat with stackable plastic bins. Measure the closet before you head to the store, and buy some that will fit in nicely and stack neatly. Organize the small items within and then label the bins. You will soon have a bin for nail polish, one for first aid supplies, another for medications and a lot more space in the closet.

Reclaim the Top Shelf of the Closet

Top closet shelves are largely a joke. Featuring two vertical feet of space, it’s hard to store much in there. Items either fall over and become a jumbled mess, or they are stacked so high that you cannot get anything out. Fortunately, there are a few solutions available that will work nicely.

• Shoe Shelves – Pick up a standard little wooden shoe shelf and set it in place. It divides the space into two or three neat shelves that will prove far more useful than the single one. With this, you can put games in the front hall closet, neatly stack out of season clothes in the bedroom or store the extra scarves in the foyer.

• Clip-on Dividers – If you like stacking clothes on the single shelf but get tired of them falling over, then you can keep things orderly with dividers that clip onto the shelf. Creating vertical walls along the shelf, you will be able to keep your stacks neat and prevent things from falling over.

• Beautiful Baskets – The beauty of baskets is that they keep everything contained and you can easily get them down. Use a grouping of baskets in your bedroom closet, and then store things like painting clothes, pajamas and extra sweaters.

Eliminate Clutter Throughout the Home

Clutter steals space in your home and makes it impossible to get organized. As you work on creating a home for everything, you should also work on removing clutter. Don’t let yourself fall into the I-might-need-it-someday mindset. Have faith that if you ever do need it, you will have the resources and time to purchase another one.

If you don’t love it, need it or use it, it needs to go. Establish a guideline for determining how frequently something is used. A good rule is the one-year measurement. If you have not needed it, wanted it, cared about it or looked for it in one year or more, then it can safely leave the house.

Make it Easier for the Kids

When organizing your child’s room, it’s vital to set up an organizational system that he or she can keep up with. While a shelf of neatly displayed toys may be to your personal liking, your child might be happier tossing things into a simple toy bin. Investing in a lower closet rod makes it easier to get clothes without making a mess. Wall hooks within reach will encourage your child to hang up coats and jackets.

Allow your child to have some say in where things will go and how the room will be set up. It’s an important lesson for them, and they will be more likely to stick with the program if they helped design it. Finally, encourage your child to spend a little time every evening tidying up the room and organizing it. You will love how it looks, and it’s great for the kids to start learning how to keep their space tidy.

Install Cabinets in the Garage

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on tool boxes and special equipment. Watch wanted ads and garage sales for people selling off old cabinets. Mounting cabinets in the garage is a great way to organize the space and make it look neat. Your tools can go neatly in cabinets that are off the floor, and you can even install padlocks on cabinets with dangerous chemicals or very expensive tools.

Your garage will look great, you will be able to work more efficiently and you will have more floor space. Use small plastic bins to corral and organize those small items like boxes of nails and spark plugs. With a little organization and some cabinets, you might actually enjoy spending time in the garage again.

When organizing the garage, keep things you use frequently inside the house stored near the door to your home. This includes cleaning supplies, school supplies and other goodies. It will make it easier on the family, and you won’t have the kids traipsing through the entire garage when they need something inside.

Sports Gear Problems Solved

You can spend a small fortune on special organizers, but that really isn’t necessary. A mesh laundry bag is perfect for storing all the soccer balls and other rolling sports gear. Use a regular hamper to corral bats or helmets. When these items are on or near the ground where the kids can reach them, you will have less mess in the bedrooms or garage.

Banish Laundry Room Chaos

The laundry area can turn into a serious danger zone if you aren’t careful. While shelves are ideal for storing your cleaning supplies and extra detergent, you need a few extra items to keep this space properly organized.

• Attractive Little Bins – Keep a few little bins on top of the dryer for collecting those items that somehow land in the laundry. A little jar for money gives you a place to toss coins. Another jar may catch stray toys, so they can be returned to their owners.

• Trashcan – An absolute necessity, you need a trashcan for lint and other garbage that will appear.

• Cabinets – If you have the space for it, install cabinets on the walls of your laundry room. They look neat, and they can be the perfect place to store extra bedding, pillows and other goods.

• Pegboard – Commonly seen in garages, a lovely white pegboard can become the perfect spot for storing your ironing board, flyswatters, coat hangers and other assorted sundries.

• Wall Mounted Drying Racks – Invest in wall mounted drying racks for a place to hang items that won’t take up floor space.

Dressers Everywhere

You may think that dressers are only for bedrooms, but they can help bring organization to the entire house. Put an extra dresser in the toy room for the kids to store art supplies, toy cars and other small items. More versatile than a toy bin, the dresser is also sturdier than plastic bins.

Stash a beautiful dresser in the foyer. Each family member can have his or her own drawer for mittens, gloves and scarves in the winter. It’s an attractive way to keep this area organized and keep track of those small accessories. You can even let the kids put their backpacks on the top, so they will be ready for school the next day.

Dressers can be used in the garage for small outdoor toys, rags, painting supplies and tools. Put one in the laundry room for storage and a folding table. Use a dresser in the den to store extra office and school supplies. You can usually find old dressers at garage sales and second hand sites. Painted to match your room, they will look great and help you get organized.

You can get your house organized by making a few changes. Eliminate clutter where you can, and reclaim lost storage space at the tops of closets. Dressers and cabinets are great for organization, and getting the kids involved will help them learn important skills. Once you start getting the house organized and reclaiming your space, invest in a cleaning service to come in and scrub everything for you. 1st Class Cleaning offers closet organization services to help you reclaim wasted space and restore order to your home. Visit them at to see how they can help you transform your living space.

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