How to Vacuum Faster and More Efficiently

IMG_2092Hauling the vacuum out of storage and putting it to work can be a real pain. It’s a chore we all love to hate, but it’s not something you can just do whenever you remember. An average family will vacuum their living room twice a week! And the results are always worth it. The room looks great and you feel a sense of accomplishment and can take pride in your home.

But you’d probably be lying if you said you weren’t interested in doing it faster and more efficiently. Well, have we got a few tips for you!

Prepare the Room First

You can’t vacuum over toys and pennies. Pick up bigger items that you know the vacuum won’t get for you and either put them away or throw them away. Pull your furniture away from the walls. This allows you to get to the areas dust bunnies love while allowing your carpet to rest (and keep those annoying footprints from getting so deep!). This means you’ll do less stopping and starting, which means you’re more efficient.

Poor Suction Doesn’t Mean Your Vacuum Sucks

Usually poor suction means you’ve got a broken belt or a full vacuum bag, not a broken vacuum. It could even be a simple matter of adjusting your height setting. And if your system doesn’t use bags, check the plastic container where dirt and debris and hair collects. If none of that works, it could be that you haven’t cleaned it in so long that there’s actually stuff stuck in the hoses or that the roller is clogged. Anyway, we’re not here to troubleshoot your vacuum troubles. The point is that you need to do simple maintenance on your machine and keep it clean. Always check to see if your bag or canister needs to be emptied before you start. If it’s the belt, you can buy a replacement for a couple bucks, rather than a new vacuum for a couple hundred.

Invest in a Hand Held

With that money you save on a new vacuum, you can get a small hand-held one that can save you a lot of valuable time when it comes to vacuuming furniture and stairs. No lugging a big old vacuum up or down a flight of stairs, step by step, and no yanking on the hose when you’re trying to reach deep down underneath the cushions when you vacuum the furniture.

Linger on the Back Pull

Most of the suction your vacuum generates is when you’re pulling it toward you, so instead of push-pulling the machine like a maniac, your carpets will actually get cleaner faster if you go a little more slowly when you pull the machine back toward you.

How to Shirk This Chore Entirely

If your kids aren’t old enough, simply won’t, or don’t yet exist, you can simply hire a professional cleaner to come do it for you. 1st Class Cleaning would be more than happy to take this chore off your hands (or do it however often you schedule us). And since we’re professionals, we can get the work done in half the time with expert results. We can even spot treat stains as we go! Contact us today to learn about our service areas, pricing, and scheduling.

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