How to Mask the Smell of Vinegar While Cleaning

How to Mask the Smell of Vinegar While CleaningWhen it comes to DIY cleaners, vinegar is one of the best. It’s an effective, non-toxic, all-natural cleaning solution that you can use to remove odors, clean bathroom and kitchen fixtures, remove stains and spills, clean windows and more. However, not everyone can stand to clean with it because of the way it smells. And while it dissipates pretty quickly, it can be powerful at first. Lucky for you, thought, there are ways to make cleaning with it more pleasant!

Scent Your Mixture with Essential Oils

Essential oils are perfect additions to your vinegar-based solution because they don’t hang around as long as artificial scents. They’re actually not oily at all, but are pure distillations from plants, flowers, fruits, woods, herbs, and spices, which is what makes them smell so good! Some even have calming, anti-viral or anti-fungal benefits. You can easily find them at your local health food store or online on a site like Amazon.

To mask the smell of vinegar, you’re going to need to use a hefty dose of your preferred essential oil. In your spray bottle, mix ¾ cup water, ¾ cup vinegar, and 20 drops of your essential oil and shake well. You can even combine oils to make your own scents! That’s it.

Spray any surfaces that need to be cleaned, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it up. It really is that simple.

Soak Citrus Peels and Herbs in the Vinegar

Sounds kind of gross at first, right? But it actually does work. And one of the best things about doing this is that citrus fruits actually contain oils that boost the power of your cleaner – especially when it comes to degreasing.

So grab a mason jar (or something similar) and fill it about ¾ full with peels and herbs of your choice. Fill it the rest of the way with vinegar, toss the cap on, and leave it sit. We’ve heard that you should wait two weeks, but a few days (around 4 or 5) should do the trick.

When time is up, grab a strainer and pour everything in your jar over the strainer and into the bowl. This will remove the peels, herbs, and any little bits of debris. Get any crumblies left behind inside the jar out and pour the vinegar solution back into it to store it. Whip it out any time you need to do a little everyday cleaning (glass, floors, stovetop, etc.)

All Natural Professional Cleaning

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