How To Get Your House Cleaned With A Checklist

A clean house makes for a happier home. Families can focus on spending time together and relaxing instead of feeling uncomfortable about stains and dirt. Reducing dust and debris will also improve your health.

Staying on top of the cleaning for an entire house can be tricky, especially if you have children and pets. Using a checklist and a simple schedule will ensure everything stays clean. You can check your list to determine which chores need to be done each day. Spend a few minutes each day following your schedule and put an end to all-day cleaning sprees.

How To Create A Customized Checklist

Pre-made cleaning checklists work for basic chores, but you should create a custom schedule for the best results. You can write your cleaning list in less than 30 minutes. Start by talking a slow walk through your home and making a list of your most common tasks for each room.

Once you have the basic chores all listed by room, divide them into categories based on frequency. Listing all of your daily cleaning tasks together will help you create a schedule for the next few months. Try to vary weekly chores so you do one or two each day instead of clumping them together at the end of the week.

Common chores by room include:

Kitchen – Wiping the counters down every day, scrubbing the stove top every week, mopping the floors every two weeks
Bathroom – Cleaning the toilet once a week, scrubbing the shower once every two weeks
Bedroom – Making the bed every day, organizing your closet once a month, vacuuming the floors every week
Living Room – Picking up clutter once a day, cleaning the floors twice a week, dusting all surfaces once a week

Expanding Your Checklist

Don’t overlook outdoor chores and occasional cleaning tasks when creating a checklist. Sweeping the porch and washing the windows immediately improves the exterior of the house. Add these tasks to your monthly or seasonal checklist.

You should also adjust your frequencies for different chores based on your experiences. For example, you may find that a weekly vacuuming is leaving your bedroom floor too dirty the rest of the week. Some chores may also work just as well when done every three days or twice a month.

If you are having trouble motivating yourself to use the checklist every day, set aside a small reward. A few hours of television or a special dessert can make it easier to push through your cleaning chores. Try setting larger rewards for when you complete a full month’s checklist.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning

Some deep cleaning tasks never end up on a cleaning checklist because they go unnoticed on a daily basis. Pulling out your kitchen appliances and sweeping below and behind them should be done at least once a year. You may prefer to hire professional help for the big deep cleaning chores.

Try using a simple checklist to stay on top of the majority of cleaning tasks. This allows you to afford a cleaning team for the major jobs. You will save time and money while enjoying a clean and organized house. If you feel you lack the time, hire a professional cleaning company like 1st Class Cleaning to handle it for you. Visit their website at to see how they can help you keep your home clean.

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