How to Get Rid of Furniture Footprints When Redecorating

how to remove furniture footprints from carpetAllow your furniture to sit in one place for too long and you’ll wind up with indentations in your carpeting. These footprints will mar the finish of your beautiful plush rug and make it less attractive. You can avoid them by moving the furniture a little every time you vacuum the room, and there are also steps you can take to get rid of footprints that are already in place.

Ice Method

Put a few ice cubes in the furniture dent. Allow the ice to melt in place. As the water is absorbed by the carpet fibers, the carpet will start to fluff up to minimize the dent. Allow it to soak in for several hours before using a clean cloth to pull up the excess water. Finally, use a fork or toothpick to gently lift the carpet fibers and smooth them. Repeat the process until the dent has vanished and your carpet looks as good as new.

Power of Steam

Grab a spray bottle of water and a hair dryer. After spritzing the dents with water, use a hot setting on the dryer to dry the fibers. Use your fingers to fluff up the carpet as you dry it. Instead of the hair dryer, you can also use an iron to steam away the stains. Set it on medium heat, and run it over a damp, clean cloth that is set in place on the furniture dent. Avoid letting the iron touch the carpeting as it can leave a burn behind.

Prevention is Better

When possible, it’s better to prevent the dents from happening in the first place. Choose high-density carpet and padding to help avoid dents. If you’re not in the market for new carpet, protect what you have by using furniture coasters. Coasters spread the weight out over a larger surface to minimize dents. Rearrange your furniture more frequently to avoid problems.

When you vacuum the room, take the time to move furniture around and vacuum over any dents that are forming. As you put the furniture back into place, take care to move it a few inches in any direction. Dents won’t form when the furniture isn’t allowed to sit in one place for months at a time.

Carpet dents aren’t exactly the end of the world, but they can make it more difficult to rearrange and redecorate your home when you’re ready. You may be concerned about the time it takes to prevent and then remove the dents, but there’s no need to stress about these little flattened eyesores. 1st Class Cleaning offers a range of cleaning services, and we’ll move your furniture regularly to ensure that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of furniture footprints. In the event that you already have some marring your fine carpet, we’ll do what we can to remove the footprints and leave your carpet looking fresh and new. We offer a range of custom cleaning services, so you can turn to us for everything from regular housekeeping to help with getting organized and even rearranging your furniture.

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