How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (And Other Professional Cleaning Secrets)

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (And Other Professional Cleaning Secrets)Are you tired of struggling with certain helpful chores? Do you visit your friends and wonder why their linen closets are so tidy when yours looks like a group of hyperactive toddlers was playing in it? The fact is that there are some regular chores that continue to stump us even into adulthood. However, most of them are easier than you think if you know a few professional tricks.

Folding Fitted Sheet

When you pull a sheet of the dryer, give it a quick shake and then hold it lengthwise in your hands. Put your hands into the pockets with the sheet inside out. Next, put the corner of your right hand over the corner of your left hand to marry these two sides together in a neat motion. Lay sheet down on a flat surface, and bring the excess material from the top edge down so it lays flat. Moving to the other end of sheet, repeat the process. You’re now ready to fold the sheet in half with all the corners neatly combined. Continue folding in half into you have the desired size for your linen closet.

Cleaning a Moldy Showerhead

The next time you’re in the shower, take a look up. Is your showerhead full of mold and mildew? You don’t have to buy a new showerhead or remove it for cleaning. Put a few cups of white vinegar in a large Ziploc bag. Slip this bag over the showerhead, and secure it in place using a rubber band. The moldy section should be submerged in the vinegar, and when you take the bag down it should be clean.

Getting Rid of Window Streaks

There is an age old joke about cleaning windows and people who refuse to do this chore. The reason most people hate cleaning windows is because they can never seem to get rid of the streaks. When you wipe off the glass, use a horizontal motion inside the house and a vertical motion on the exterior. The direction of the streaks will tell you which side of the window still needs attention.

Eliminating Soap Scum

Cleaning the shower walls is the most dreaded chore in most houses. You love how the tub shines when it’s done, but you get tired of all the scrubbing and the harsh fumes from cleaners. You can avoid this chore by investing in a simple squeegee. When finished in the shower, take 30 seconds to squeegee the water off the walls and leave them dry. You won’t have to scrub the shower nearly as often, and you won’t be embarrassed if your mother comes over and peeks behind the curtain.

If you’re struggling with these and other household chores, then it might be time to treat yourself to professional cleaning service. While you may look at fitted sheets and feel like a monkey with a jigsaw puzzle, a maid service like 1st Class Cleaning can efficiently fold the sheets and tuck them into an organized closet. We offer customized cleaning services, so call today at (800) 309-7881 to see how we can help you by organizing closets, cleaning the showerhead, and taking care of those other chores that you dread.

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