How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances and Fixtures

cleaning stainless steel fixtures and appliancesStainless steel is attractive and durable. It can continue gracing your home with its beautiful shine for years to come, but it does need some regular care and attention to maintain the attractive finish. Using the wrong materials can dull or scratch it. Before you start scrubbing your stainless steel appliances or furniture, make sure that you’re using the right supplies.

Microfiber Cloths

Whether you’re using special stainless steel cleaners or a homemade concoction, protect your stainless steel by using soft microfiber cloths. This will give you the abrasion you need to remove fingerprints and gunk, but it won’t be abrasive enough to damage the shining finish. Never use steel wool or scrubbers as they can damage the finish.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

For the purpose of getting gunk off the surface, an all-purpose cleaner will work. Dilute the product according to manufacturer directions, dip the cloth in it, squeeze out the excess moisture and then scrub the surface. Pay close attention to all of the fingerprints, old food, grease and other messes. Rinse and refresh the rag as necessary until all of the stains are cleared from the stainless steel surface. The cleaner will leave streaks behind, but you’ll remove those in another step. Take care not to soak the surface, and don’t allow the cleaner to dry. Instead, it should be buffed off with another cloth before polishing.

Choices for Polishing

When applying the polish, be sure to work in the direction of the grain to avoid swirl marks and get it as clean as possible. Use a clean microfiber cloth for the best results. Here are a few polishers that work wonders on stainless steel.

White vinegar – Apply undiluted to your cloth and wipe is on the stainless steel. Work it over the entire surface to shine the finish and leave it looking like new.

Stainless steel cleaner and polish – Visit the store and see if you can find special cleaners and polishes for your stainless steel. If your appliance is only moderately dirty, then you can use this to clean and polish it. Otherwise, you should clean it with the multi-purpose and then use this as a polish. Most specialized cleaners can either be sprayed directly onto the appliance or onto the cloth.

The Method way – If you want a green cleaner, then look for Method Stainless Steel products. These eco-friendly cleaners will remove most dirt and leave the steel shining – without harming the environment.

Olive oil – Pour some olive oil on a clean cloth and wipe it over your clean stainless steel surface. Using a dry cloth and a little elbow grease, buff the oil into the small grooves and across the surface. It will start to feel smoother and shine more as you work with the oil and buff out the excess. The surface should look beautiful without feeling oily when you’re finished.

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