How to Clean and Organize Your Garage

How to Clean and Organize Your GarageThe garage turns into one of the most chaotic rooms in the home. It’s hard to get everything organized when you have everything from bicycles to nuts and bolts. You need to access most of it at some point, and you’re still hopeful that the car might magically fit inside. If you’ve been looking at the garage and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of tackling this project, keep reading because there are definitely ways to make it easier.

Put the Plans on Paper

The easiest way to start dealing with the garage is to make a mental inventory of what you have and design an organization system on paper first. There are countless ways to make the garage organized, and it all depends on what you’re storing. Bikes that aren’t used daily can actually be stored along the ceiling using special pulleys. Hanging shelves that hold bins are perfect for those tools you don’t use everyday. Pegboards have long been a favorite. There are no right or wrong answers to how you’ll organize the space, but knowing what you’re planning on keeping and where it will go can help you get started on this chore.

Start Purging

If you’re like most people, your garage has accumulated some junk that needs to go. Balls that won’t hold air, old camping gear that’s falling apart, and broken tools can all head straight to the trash. Of course, the purging doesn’t have to be limited to throwing stuff away. Keep an eye out for tools and other items you don’t use that are still serviceable. Put these to the side to either donate or sell. You’ll either add some cash to your pocket now or when you file your taxes.

Organize as You Go

Try to organize the garage as you go by grouping items together. This can also make it easier to spot duplicates and eliminate them. You may feel a little strange having odd piles of items scattered in the driveway and on the lawn, but it will make it easier to put it all back in later.

Install the Organizers

With the garage empty, you’re ready to clean it and add your organizers. It will be easy to hang the ceiling items without having boxes underfoot, and you can choose the best area around the workbench for that pegboard. While you’re at it, take a few minutes to sweep the floor and treat any stains. Treat oil stains by wetting them lightly, applying a little Dawn dish detergent and then rinsing it. While this may not remove all of the stains, it will minimize them.

Enjoy the Clean Space

With the garage clean and your new organizers installed, you’re ready to start putting your supplies and tools back in place. As you put things into the garage consider how often you need them. Items that are rarely used should go on upper shelves. Things the kids access should be where they can easily see and reach them.

The time has come to park your car in the garage, or at least enjoy a more organized space. You may spend the better part of the day working on the garage, but it’s worth the effort. However, you don’t have to lift a finger at all to get the garage clean and more organized. 1st Class Cleaning is happy to offer these services to make your home more enjoyable. Call today at (800) 309-7881 to learn more about our organizational and cleaning services and see how we can transform your garage.

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