Guest Ready: Cleaning Tips for Those Who Hate to Clean

guest read - cleaning tips for those who hate to cleanGetting ready for guests can feel overwhelming for people who don’t care to clean. When you have guests coming and you’re running out of time, there are ways to clean up in a hurry. Here are a few quick cleaning tips and a few simple cheats that will leave your home looking presentable so that you can spend more time visiting with your visitors.

Start With Trash

How much of the mess you’re facing is simply trash? Start by getting a trash bag or can and moving methodically through the home. Grab trash and throw it away to get a jump start on your quick cleaning. As the trash goes away, the house will instantly look better. In addition to the empty water bottle that was left out and the candy wrapper that didn’t quite make it to the trash, you should also dispose of junk mail and other unwanted items.

Move on to the Basket

Grab a laundry basket, bag or box and look for misplaced items. You can see more of the items that are out of place. If it belongs in another room, pick it up and put it in your container. As you move into new rooms, check in your bag to see if anything inside belongs in that space. Work your way from the front of the house to the back, and then return to the front again as you put things away. The bag should be empty when you’re done, and misplaced items will be back in their proper rooms, if not in their appropriate spot.

Soak It While Cleaning

The flat surfaces should now be reasonably clean, so you’re ready to start soaking and dusting. Spritz toilet cleaner in the guest commode and scrub it around. Close the lid and let it sit. Check the bathroom vanity, kitchen counters and tables for tough spots that need to be scrubbed. Treat them quickly before doing the final wipe-down and shine. Flush the commode before going back and doing a final wipe-down of the counters.

Shine It

Use glass cleaner to shine more than the mirrors. You can also use it on porcelain fixtures and all your chrome hardware to make the entire house look amazing in record time. You don’t have to make the windows perfect, but it’s good to get the worst of the fingerprints off the glass.

Now for the Floors

You’re now ready to give the floors the once-over. When you vacuum the living room, try to take a moment to run over the couch with your upholstery attachment. Even though this was a quick cleaning, your company will still be impressed that your house is clean. While it may not have the deep-down service that you really love, it will be presentable enough for most of your friends.

If you don’t want to deal with hurried cleaning and the stress of having a messy house when friends call, then consider simplifying your life with a maid service. When you let the professionals clean your house on a regular basis, you won’t have to worry about being caught by surprise when company calls. 1st Class Cleaning offers customized cleaning solutions, so that you can always be ready for last-minute visitors. Instead of spending any time cleaning the house, you can spend the last few hours preparing for guests by making some snacks and serving up some great drinks.

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