A Fast and Easy Way to Clean Your Shower

A Fast and Easy Way to Clean Your ShowerIf your shower hasn’t been cleaned in a good long while, it may take a little more time and effort than usual. But once you have it clean, the key to quick and easy will be to clean it regularly.

What You’ll Need

A bath and tile cleaner: Use any cleaner you like for porcelain, glass walls or tile, and ceramic tile. Natural stone showers should only be cleaned with a neutral soap or specialty stone cleaner.
A double-sided sponge: Don’t be cheap. Get a good quality, non-scratching sponge. It’s what will help make the work faster.
Microfiber cloths
Baking soda
Full-strength vinegar in a spray bottle (if you have glass shower doors with a lot of muck on ‘em!)
A bucket or removable showerhead
A squeegee

What You’ll Do

1. Remove everything from the shower. Bottles, soaps, loofas, the bath mat…everything. If you feel like being extra handy, toss your loofa in the bathroom sink with a cup of hydrogen peroxide and let it soak while you clean. You can put the bottles in a caddy or on your counter.

2. Get those curtains out of your way! Flip them over the shower bar or simply take them down altogether.

3. Spray the walls (not the tub or the floor) of your shower with your favorite product and let it sit for about five or ten minutes. Be generous with how much product you use and the length of time you let it sit.

This wait time is called dwelling, and your surface must be wet for it to work. So be generous with how much product you use and have patience before you get to work. Dwell time makes your product do the hard work for you!

If you have glass shower doors, spray them with full-strength vinegar instead of your cleaner. It works wonders and will get rid of all that built up muck!

* IF YOU HAVE NATURAL STONE TILES, DO NOT use vinegar or everyday bathroom cleaners to spray your tile. It will ruin your walls. If it’s really nasty in there, consider a steam cleaner.

4. Righties should pick up their non-scratching sponge and work clockwise through the shower starting from the left to make sure they don’t miss anything. Lefties should grab their sponge and work counterclockwise, starting at the right to make sure they don’t miss anything.

But whether you’re righty or lefty, start at the top and use the scrubby side of the sponge to wipe away soap scum in an “S” pattern to make sure you don’t miss any spots. Continue until you get to the bottom and then tackle the next wall using the same method. For showers with longer walls, simply break the wall into sections.

Follow this pattern until all walls are clean. DO NOT RINSE YET.

* Non-glass wall or tiles can take advantage of a little extra scrubbing action. If you shower doesn’t have these surfaces, sprinkle some baking soda onto your sponge before your start for additional abrasion power. It’ll help scrape that scum off.

* Resist the temptation to scrub in circles. Going in circles will literally have you doing just that. It just wastes time. Scrub top to bottom, left to right. Or top to bottom, right to left.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the tub. Spray, dwell, scrub. If your tub is acrylic, only use the soft side of your sponge because the scrubby one can ruin the finish. Can’t have that!

6. Once your done scrubbing the walls and tub, turn on the shower as hot as it will go and rinse. Removable shower heads are especially handy here. If you have one, follow the same clockwise/counterclockwise, top-to-bottom, “S” shape pattern you used while cleaning. If you don’t have one, just run the faucet and use your bucket (or even an old milk jug) to rinse the walls.

7. Use the squeegee to remove water from the walls when you’re done rinsing. Buff with your microfiber cloths.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the tub and don’t forget to shine any chrome fixtures!

Other Tips

If you want to make sure you didn’t miss any scum, look at your shower surfaces from an angle. Greyish lines or dull spots means you missed a bit. You can also run your fingers across the surface. If you encounter any resistance or tension, you missed a spot.

To prevent this kind of build up in the future, keep a squeegee in your bathroom and give the walls (and doors if you have them) a once over after every shower. Seems a little silly, but this will actually prevent build up from forming because there will be no scummy liquid left behind to dry there. While a squeegee works best, you can also just use a towel to wipe it down real quick. And the best thing is that the steam from your shower loosens all the gook left from family members who may not be as practical as yourself.

You can also leave a spray bottle with a 50/50 water/vinegar solution in your shower and give everything a quick spray down when you get out, which will also prevent scum from drying on your walls.

You Can Do It, Nothing to It!

The more preventative measures you use and the more often you clean your shower, the easier and faster it will be to tackle this chore.

But If You Don’t Feel Like Doing It…

…and live in the New York City area, you can simply hire 1st Class Cleaning to come take care of it for you. You can schedule a one-time clean to get you started, or set up a recurring cleaning schedule and we’ll come clean your shower – and anything else you need – as often as you’d like. Contact us today to learn more!

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