5 Ways To Remove Unpleasant Smells From Your Home

5 Ways to Remove Unpleasant Smells from Your HomeWhile it’s important to make keep your house looking nice, it’s just as important to ensure that it smells clean too.  It can really affect your quality of life if you have to deal with unpleasant odors where you live.  Here are five handy dandy tips to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Open the Windows

Like any other enclosed space, your home can house unpleasant odors simply because there’s no exit for anything.  Therefore, you can just open the windows and let the smells air out.  As it involves simply letting nature go through its own natural process, this also means that you don’t need to breathe in any cleaning chemicals whose fumes can be just as unpleasant as the odors they were designed to eliminate.  If that wasn’t enough, it also gives the entire house a nice earthy scent to it.

Freshen Up

In cases where opening the windows is just an untenable strategy or in cases where the outdoors are even smellier than it is inside, it’s time to take to the store and get yourself a sufficient amount of air fresheners.  You’ll need enough of them to combat any kind of smell that challenges you in any kind of space.  Plus they tend to make the house smell clean and attractive.  It may not necessarily neutralize the direct cause of the odor but it can at least deal with its effects.

Standard Operating Procedure

Sometimes you can’t beat around the bush with fresh air or plugging every electrical outlet in your house with air fresheners; you just have to roll up your sleeves and go for the proverbial jugular.  In most cases, this is a matter of finding the source of the odor, whatever it may be and disposing of it.  From there, you take warm water and some dishwashing detergent to the affected area.  You can then opt to either leave it and let nature run its course or you can help it along with the aforementioned air fresheners or, more holistically, leaving some orange peels or lemons to spread a naturally fruity smell where the odor once stood.

Practice Clean Cooking

Kitchens are arguably the most potentially odorous rooms of the house.  The smells they produce can be quite attractive, especially when you’re hungry but, like the food that emits them, they can quickly go stale if left standing for too long.

When cooking, make sure the exhaust fans are on, so you prevent any of the odors you produce from lingering beyond the confines of the cooking session.  Afterwards, you can also boil a cup of vinegar on the stove, to make sure no odor seeps into the material of your cupboards and cabinets.

Pet Odor

Oh, the joys of pet ownership.  Their happily wagging tails, their purrs, their doe eyes, the big, disgusting messes that they can leave on your carpet.  Yeah, about that…
You can blot out those stains with a wet paper towel.  From there, deal with the smell by spraying it with an enzymatic cleaner.  After that dries, cover it with baking soda, giving it half an hour to soak into the carpet.  Afterwards, a thorough vacuuming should be enough to get rid of the rest of the smell.

Human Waste is Bad, Too

Of course, you can generate odors just as gross as any of your furry friends.  Be sure to practice due diligence when it comes to your toilet.
You can clean the bowl with a commercial cleaner and finish it off by dropping in a toilet freshener.  Just beware of the wax ring that holds your bowl together.  If odors linger after you have cleaned it, the wax ring may have eroded beyond all repair: something you would need a plumber to fix.

Of course, the ultimate way to keep odors out of your house is to clean often and thoroughly.  We at 1st Class Cleaning can help you with that.  Call us at 1-800-309-7881 and set up a schedule so our staff can come for cleanings as often as you’d like! Or, if you prefer, we can come once and take care of that Spring cleaning, or help you spruce up before a big party.

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