5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You’re Busy)

5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You’re Busy)Busy people often have to make tough decisions about what will be completed and what has to wait for another day. If you’re like most people, there are certain household chores that you’re willing to skip because you’re tired or simply out of time. However, there are five cleaning projects that you should never put off, even if you’re really busy or exhausted.

1. Washing Those Dishes

Dishes in the sink are an eyesore, but the problem goes far beyond aesthetics. The food on those dishes starts to smell. If there’s standing water, it will turn rancid while you’re at work or out of town for the weekend. Bugs are attracted to the same odors that leave you gagging. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is just like putting a welcome mat out for insects. It may take ten minutes to get those dishes done before bed, but you’ll be so glad you did it in the morning.

2. Doing the Laundry

Unless you have unlimited income, you probably cannot afford to buy a new outfit for every day of the year. Like taxes, there’s no avoiding the laundry. In addition to washing it regularly, you also need to keep it organized in hampers. Otherwise, you could find the laundry on your floor hosting a collection of spiders, house centipedes and other undesirable critters.

3. Sorting the Mail

The mail comes in and you glance at it. If you’re really busy, it’s then tossed in a pile on the counter. Eventually, that pile turns into Mount Everest of unwanted paperwork. You cannot just toss it all in the trash, either. You may have something important lurking in that stack, like a check you’ve been waiting for or a special deal on refinancing your home. It’s easiest to sort the mail every day when it comes in. Toss the trash and file the rest. Remember to have a little stack or basket for items that require your attention.

4. Wiping Down the Bathroom

You may not have time to scrub the walls and make them shine, but the bathroom still needs a little tender, loving care. After your shower, take five minutes to wipe off the counters and the toilet. You can give the floor a quick cleaning with a baby wipe or damp washcloth. It’s easiest at this time because the humidity from your shower will loosen the grime. Once the shower dries, go back and clean the mirror and shower walls with glass cleaner. This bare-bones cleaning is the minimum you can do to keep the bathroom presentable.

5. Clean the Dining Area

It doesn’t matter if you have a table or a breakfast bar. You need to keep the dining spot clean. This is where your family sits to recharge their batteries and connect. Even when the rest of the house may be falling into chaos, you’ll find meals are more enjoyable when this area remains presentable.

Your life is full, and your days are busy from the moment you rise until your head hits the pillow at night. You don’t have time to handle all the little chores, but you still want to enjoy the benefits of a clean home. You can count on 1st Class Cleaning to take care of all these annoying chores for you. We’re focused on your satisfaction, and we’ll work hard to keep your home clean and attractive. Contact us today to learn more about our one-time and recurring cleaning services!

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