10 Commandments of Cleaning Studio Apartments

10 Commandments of Cleaning Studio ApartmentsIt seems that cleaning a studio apartment would be easier because it’s a smaller space. However, smaller areas are less forgiving if something is out of place or there’s a dingy area. When you’re cleaning your Soho flat or your uptown studio, here are 10 commandments you should keep in mind.

1. Out of Sight is a Beautiful Thing

When you’re living in a small area, space is at a premium. As much as possible, move items into cabinets and closed closets. Keeping tables and counters open and free of clutter will make the area feel much larger. Consider investing in functional furniture with hidden compartments for keeping your bits and baubles as well as some of your larger items.

2. Focus on the Windows

Make the most of your view by keeping the windows clean. Your apartment will feel bigger and more welcoming when you get the smudges off the glass and allow what sunlight there is to come streaming in.

3. Keep the Walls Clean

There’s not a great deal to look at in your studio, and that means people will notice if the walls are dirty. Invest in a Magic Eraser to easily wipe smudges and marks off the paint. You can use the same tool on some cabinets.

4. Your Guests Will Look Up

When you have a large place, guests are busy looking at the cool style and décor. In a small area, they naturally look around, down and even up. This means that the dust on your ceiling fan and the cobwebs in the corner will be noticed – even if you’re friends are good enough not to mention it. Break out the feather duster and clean these elevated areas.

5. Vacuum the Furniture

Chances are good that your furniture is doing double-duty. You may relax on the couch after enjoying your dinner in the same spot. This means that you’ve got crumbs in some unlikely areas. When you vacuum the carpets, go over your furniture with the upholstery attachment to ensure that it’s clean.

6. Do Laundry More Frequently

You don’t have space for a big laundry hamper, and you certainly don’t want dirty clothes all over the place. Run laundry a little more frequently so that you can go with a smaller, more attractive hamper. There are also some really neat collapsible ones that you can bring out only when you need it.

7. Hide the Trashcans

The last thing you want to look at when you’re relaxing is the garbage. Use smaller cans that will fit inside cabinets. You’ll empty the trash more frequently, but it will be worth it to avoid this eyesore.

8. Clean the Shower Stall

Your bathroom probably won’t awe visitors, but you want to make sure they won’t be disgusted, either. Without an impressive space to look at, they might decide to open the shower curtain and see what’s inside. Make sure it’s clean to avoid any embarrassment.

9. Remember to Look Down

The grout lines in your kitchen area can make your apartment look dingy and dull if they’re stained. You cannot just hide this area like you can in a larger home, so take the time to scrub the grout. Steam cleaners can be a really effective way to get them clean without filling your small space with noxious fumes.

10. Get the Patio

If you’re fortunate enough to have a small patio or balcony, make sure you keep this clean. Opening up the space for guests to sit and relax makes it easier to entertain. Hanging plants can provide privacy and life without taking up sitting room.

Cleaning your studio apartment shouldn’t take long because it’s small, but you need to go into greater detail for the same reason. Tending to these forgotten areas can help make your space look bigger to the naked eye. If you don’t have time to give the entire apartment the white-glove treatment, contact 1st Class Cleaning and ask us about setting up a recurring cleaning schedule (or a one-time treatment to get you set on the right path!).

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