Steam Clean Window Shades NYC

When generally cleaning home and office spaces it seems that windows are often overlooked. There just seems to be something about windows that cause them to either go unnoticed or ignored in the cleaning process. The truth of the matter is that window can be a dust, dirt and dander headquarters and if ignored for too long can cause allergies and other hazards associated with debris buildup. Pause and take a look at your window shades. Now look in the window seal. Kind of disgusting, isn’t it? Now imagine that day in and day out you are breathing in particles of what you see. Makes you want to hurry out and do something about that, doesn’t it? Sure it does.

Not only is the dust that builds up on window shades extremely hazardous to your health, it is also not at all aesthetically pleasing. You may not notice now sense you’ve gotten use to it but that color you see on your window shade isn’t exactly the color the shade was when you purchased it. Give the shade a little dab with your finger to remove the three or four layers of dust that has accumulated over time. You see? Now, that’s what your window shade should look like!

A thorough steam cleaning to your windows can make a world of difference. Believe it or not a good window cleaning could even change the smell of the room that the window occupies. Yes, you’ve read right. Dust build-up can smell. What’s likely happened is that over time you’ve grown use to the gradual smell of dust so the memory of what your room use to (or should) smell like is vague or non-existent. Just watch what happens after a great steam cleaning. Ah, there it is; fresh air!

You’re likely very busy. You’re in NYC for goodness sake, who isn’t? In maintaining the hustle and bustle of your everyday life window shades are likely the last thing you can add to your agenda. You barely have time to adequately tend to yourself. There’s absolutely no way you’ll find time for windows. The good thing is you don’t have to find time for them. Let the professionals take care of it for you.

The professionals at 1st Class Cleaning specialize in steam cleaning window shades. You simply point the window out and 1st Class Cleaning takes care of the rest.  1st Class Cleaning is reliable, affordable and convenient. Let 1st Class Cleaning know the time that is most convenient for you and we’ll be right there. You’ll be pleased to know that all cleaning services offered by 1st Class Cleaning come with a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not pleased with the cleaning services provided, 1st Class Cleaning will return to re-clean your windows at absolutely no cost.

You may also be pleased to know that 1st Class Cleaning uses all green cleaning products so there will be no hazardous chemicals used in the cleaning process. Just expect a fresh, crisp and natural air. Ready to get those window shades steam cleaned, are you? Visit today!

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