Spring Cleaning Rockaway Park NY

spring cleaning rockaway parkAs the snow and ice of winter slowly begins to melt and temperatures rise, people around Rockaway Park will begin the annual spring-cleaning process. Keeping your home, apartment or business shut tightly during the winter keeps the place warm, but makes it hard to clear out dust. Most people also stop cleaning as vigorously during the cold months because holiday celebrations take up most of their time. 1st Class Cleaning is here to help you start this spring with a fresh and clean environment. There are five main benefits we can offer you with our professional cleaning services.

A dirty, cluttered and disorganized home is one of the biggest causes of stress for modern families. It is hard to enjoy cooking dinner on a sticky stovetop. Relaxing on a couch coated in pet hair is not fun either. As the weeks go by and the clutter grows, the stress of trying to tackle it all also grows. Hiring 1st Class Cleaning for a big spring clean allows you to focus on work or your family instead of spending a week or more getting to the bottom of your endless laundry pile.

Many people avoid professional cleaning services because they think it will be expensive. Not only do we offer some of the most affordable options in the New York City area, we know that there are hidden costs to living in a dirty home. Everyone has had to replace a lost item. Living in clutter increases these lost items exponentially. We provide the cleaning supplies and equipment needed as well. There’s no need to purchase a new vacuum cleaner or buy bottles of glass cleaner.

Consider the amount of time cleaning usually takes when considering enlisting the help of our company. Each hour that you spend mopping the floors or wiping down the counters could be spent exercising, enjoying a hobby or hanging out with your kids. If you value your time, investing in a weekly or monthly visit from our expert cleaning team will free up your schedule for more enjoyable pursuits. Living in an organized home also saves you time that would be wasted on searching for that one piece of paperwork or item that has gone missing.

Dirt and grime in the home causes a lot of health problems. Sinus infections and allergies are often triggered by dust, while old food left in the back of the fridge or dropped behind a couch quickly grows mold. 1st Class Cleaning uses the natural Method cleaning products to prevent chemical fumes from irritating the sinuses or eyes of your family as well.

Finally, professional cleaning keeps your home presentable. When neighbors or friends stop by unexpectedly you will not have to shoo them away because of grimy toilets or dirty carpets. Your home will remain clean enough for a dinner party or holiday gathering throughout the whole year. At 1st Class Cleaning we work hard to keep your home clean and organized without breaking your budget. To schedule an appointment or a consultation be sure to visit 1st Class Cleaning  today.

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