Spring Cleaning Astoria NY, 11102

spring cleaning astoria The coming of spring brings new flowers, lovely green colors and a fresh cleanliness to the entire world. Everyone wants to throw open their windows to allow the fresh, clean air to penetrate every stale, dusty corner of their homes. Unfortunately, the fresh air of spring does nothing for the dust bunnies underneath the bed, the cobwebs on the baseboards and the grime on the tops of the cabinets.

Most people think of spring cleaning as a chore that must be endured. Rather than enjoying the lovely outdoors, one must spend anywhere from several days to a full week emptying cabinets and organizing closets, scrubbing floors and moving furniture. Spring cleaning is a word associated with drudgery, headaches and sore muscles.

Have you ever wished for a “cleaning fairy” to come in to clean your house or apartment from top to bottom? Do you wish that you could avoid spring cleaning altogether? Would you love to just come home from work one day and have your house spotless in time for Easter?

However, a “cleaning fairy” really does exist. Except it is not a mystical figure, but our cleaning company, 1st Class Cleaning. We will be glad to tackle your spring cleaning jobs, so that you can enjoy your life this spring. No longer will spring cleaning be a hated chore at the top of your to-do list. This year you can enjoy your child’s spring break outdoors, instead of in the house vacuuming the stairs, bleaching the bathrooms and cleaning the windows.

We here at 1st Class Cleaning will arrive at your home in professional-looking uniforms, on time and bringing all necessary equipment. By the time your highly-trained housekeeper leaves, the house will sparkle, the bathrooms will be sanitized and the layer of winter dust and grime will be removed.

Upon arriving at your home, your 1st Class Cleaning housekeeper will get right to work. In all your living areas, we will thoroughly remove all traces of dust and dirt. We will remove knickknacks and clean shelves, tables or any other display areas. We are happy to crawl around wiping the baseboards of your home, so that you don’t have to. We will vacuum every square inch of carpet and clean every corner of your wood floor. Your couch cushions spring cleaning astoria will be removed and the whole couch will be cleaned of any stray popcorn seeds, potato chip crumbs or other debris.

1st Class Cleaning will thoroughly clean your bathrooms. We will examine every bathroom for mold and mildew. If we find any tiny traces of nastiness, we will scrub the tile and grout until it glistens. The chrome and fixtures will shine, since any hard water deposits will be eliminated. The entire bathroom will be disinfected and sanitized. Even the medicine cabinet and linen closet can be emptied, wiped out and re-organized.

Next, we will tackle the kitchen. Every surface in the kitchen will be washed and sanitized. We will clean out all of your appliances, top to bottom, inside and out. Do not bother with smelly oven cleaners ever again, because we can clean out your oven for you. If you wish, we can clean and re-organize the insides of your cabinets, so that you will be able to find anything that you may need in a snap. We are even willing to polish your silver for you, so that it will be bright and glittering for Easter dinner.

Moving on to the bedrooms, we will make your bedroom a comfortable, cozy nest to which you can retreat at the end of a long day. We will dust all of the surfaces, change the bedding and vacuum every area, including underneath the bed.

We all know that many modern homes have lovely vaulted ceilings with huge windows. Yet, the cleaning of ceiling fans and high windows is a problem for most homeowners. You have to teeter on a tall ladder to reach ceiling fans and windows. Why not hire 1st Class Cleaning to take care of this unpleasant and potentially hazardous task? While we are up there we can take care of any cobwebs in the corners as well.

Do not even consider cleaning up before the housekeeper comes. We here at 1st Class Cleaning are comfortable taking care of the day-to-day clutter that accumulates in every person’s home. Any items that are left out will be put where they belong. Leave the dishes in the sink, and we will load the dishwasher and scrub your pots for you. We will also change your bed and bath linens, fold any loose clothing and put away anything that is misplaced in the bedroom or bathroom.

Our company uses Method® Organic Cleaning Products. These products are not only effective, wiping out the dust, dirt and grime in your home, but they are also naturally derived and biodegradable. The fragrances used in spring cleaning Astoriathe Method® products smell great, but they are also completely non-toxic, containing natural essential oils. You don’t have to worry about coming home to a house reeking of fake chemical odors. You can safely bathe your baby or your dog in the tubs and sinks without worrying that you are exposing them to weird chemicals.

Your 1st Class Cleaning housekeeper is always trustworthy. We treasure our honest reputation. We understand that it only takes one dishonest employee to ruin years of trust, so we thoroughly screen every worker and train each one relentlessly. You can leave your home knowing that every piece of jewelry, each electronic gadget, any miscellaneous cash and all other items of value will be there when you return.

Call us today to schedule your spring-cleaning. You can set up your consultation and get an estimate for our services. In just a few days, your “cleaning fairy” will come to your home and leave it absolutely spotless. You can invite a houseful of Easter guests to your home and not give it a second thought. Every unused bedroom will be completely ready for overnight guests, and every closet, cabinet and room will be organized. Fill out our online estimate form or call today to get started on your way to a sparkling, spotless home. For more information, be sure to visit www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com today.


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