Retail Store Cleaning in Manhattan

Keeping your store clean should be in the forefront of your mind as a storeowner.  It’s a proven fact that people won’t shop in a dirty store, and employees are happier, and healthier, in a clean environment.  If your employees just aren’t doing a good job keeping the store clean, or you’re moving out and want to make sure you leave the space as it was when you moved in, or you’re moving into a space that needs some work, hiring a retail store cleaning service might be the answer.

A retail store cleaning service can help you with just about anything when it comes to cleaning your store.  Whether you have a greeting card store, a shoe store, or more of a warehouse location, a good company will be able to tailor their services to meet your needs precisely.  However, most companies offer a few standard services like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, glass cleaning, and bathroom cleaning and sanitization.

It’s important to remember when hiring a retail store cleaning service that they are there to make your life easier.  Find someone who’s available most any hour of the day, including before and after hours.  That way they won’t be getting in the way of your employees and customers who are trying to shop.  Would you shop in a store where the cleaning crew was crawling all over everyplace and totally in your way while you’re trying to get what you need?  So find someone who can bend their schedule to accommodate yours and get in and out of your store with as little impact as possible, especially if you want them to come on a regular basis.

Safety is another thing to keep in mind when you consider which retail store cleaning service you want to bring into your store.  First of all, find someone who doesn’t use toxic cleaners and chemicals.  When you have so many people involved, and you don’t know the medical history of all of them, especially your customers, it’s important to use environmentally friendly cleaners, so that everyone involved is safe.    Harsh cleaners can aggravate respiratory ailments, allergies and asthma.  Finding a company that uses safe cleaners will help ensure everyone who comes into your store, employees and customers alike, are in a healthy, clean, sanitized environment.

The next thing to consider when talking about safety is insurance.  Is the company you’ve selected bonded and insured?  This will protect you if anyone is hurt when they’re working in your store.

Additionally, find out what kind of hiring process they have.  You want to make sure all of your merchandise and employee’s things are secure when you have an outside company coming in to do work in your store.  Find someone who conducts thorough background checks before hiring anyone.

A company like 1st Class Cleaning can easily meet all of these requirements.  They can come at any time of the day, making the cleaning process as seamless as possible for you.  They also use only environmentally friendly, biodegradable products.  They’re also bonded and insured, for everyone’s safety, and they conduct rigorous screenings to make sure only the most trustworthy people are inside your business.

To schedule an appointment to have your store cleaned, visit today!

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