Residential Cleaning Services Brooklyn

Maintaining a house that is sparking clean and sanitized while working and managing a household is not always easy. Many busy working parents are turning to cleaning services to help maintain a clean living environment. But, what should be the expectations of a 1st Class Cleaning service?

Residential Cleaning Services

Cleaning a home entails more than just dusting and sweeping floors. A quality residential cleaning service will perform deep cleaning services. Along with dusting and polishing furniture and woodwork, all glass and chrome surfaces should be cleaned. Baseboards and walls need attention to keep from getting grimy and spotted, and picture frames should be dusted along with household knick-knacks.

1st Class Cleaning Services cleans the homes of our customers like we would clean our own homes. That means vacuuming under beds and under sofa and chair cushions. A clean home means that the invisible is as spotless as the visible. Carpets and rugs are vacuumed; hardwood floors are cleaned and dried.

Kitchen surfaces are scrubbed thoroughly. This includes under the hood of the stove and the inside and outside of microwave ovens. Surfaces are not only cleaned, but disinfected to prevent the spread of germs. Tables and chairs are cleaned, and dishes are even loaded into the dishwasher and washed. Additional services include cleaning and sanitizing the refrigerator, cleaning cabinets, and polishing silverware. The kitchen sink is the dirtiest place in the home, so keeping a sanitized kitchen will cut down on household illnesses as germs and bacteria are eliminated before they get a chance to spread.

Bathrooms also require deep cleaning. Toilets are cleaned and sanitized, and so are tubs and shower areas. To keep the bathroom sparkling, chrome fixtures and light fixtures are polished. A bathroom looks fresh when mirrors are cleaned, fresh towels put out, and floors cleaned and sanitized.

Cost Effective Residential Cleaning

Many residential cleaning companies charge several hundreds of dollars for the first cleaning, and then price based on how often they clean a home. 1st Class Cleaning does not obligate customers to any specific amount of cleaning. We provide residential cleaning services when requested by the customer. We can do this because our customers love their clean house so much they become frequent repeat customers.

Homeowners get a home cleaning specialist assigned to them. The cleaning specialist gets to understand the homeowner’s expectations to ensure a higher level of cleaning satisfaction. The homeowner sets the priorities; the cleaning specialist meets them at an affordable rate of $30 per hour.

1st Class Cleaning offers several packages for our customers, depending on the level of cleaning desired. All cleaning specialists sent to the homes are bonded and insured so customers can feel secure about their home valuables. And 1st Class Cleaning respects the environment and use only “green” products that are not toxic to children or pets. Customers can purchase the organic products for their personal use.

In Brooklyn, NY the residential cleaning service to contact is 1st Class Cleaning. We customize our cleaning services by request of the customer and clean homes, apartments, and even foreclosed properties. Contact us today!

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