Quality Cleaning Services In NYC

quality cleaning in nycThe market for quality commercial cleaning services in New York City is as vast as the sea of skyscrapers that make up the Manhattan skyline. Office managers and business owners who have recently begun a search for quality cleaning services are likely aware that the options are vast, and somewhat hard to choose from.

So how can you tell whether a commercial cleaning service is worth the fee you’ll be paying to have them clean your office? What do you need to check for when hiring these professionals? There are a few things worth investigating before making your decision.

The Extent of the Job

One of the first things to inquire about when researching a quality cleaning service is just how extensive a job the team you hire will do when cleaning your office or building. This is important, as a lackluster cleaning job can make your employees more prone to illness or irritation while on the job — something known as Sick Building Syndrome.

Make sure that the cleaning service you hire will be doing more than just vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, and organizing the mess you left in the office kitchen. Equally as important as all of those tasks is ensuring that the building’s ventilation system is free of dust, allergens, and mold. Throughout the year, each of these things can lead to office-wide or building-wide sniffles, sneezes, and illness. In fact, some types of mold that build up in office ventilation systems can be seriously hazardous to employee health.

Avoid one of the main causes of Sick Building Syndrome by ensuring that the cleaning being done in your office is thorough and extensive — and worth of your fee. Remember that the cleanliness of your floors and desks are just as important as the cleanliness of your ceiling and the air ducts installed in it.

Are They a Green Company?

Cleaning services can generally be categorized into two groups: the ones who use green technologies and clean offices like it’s 2011, and the ones who use harsh, toxic cleaners like it’s 1975. One of the leading causes of employee illness and irritation is the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning common office spaces.

In fact, 30% of employees suffer from some type of cleaning-related irritation — whether it’s the above-mentioned mold and dust, or the presence of harsh chemicals which can easily damage sensitive skin or irritate eyes that are not used to such things being in the air.

A cleaning company worth hiring is one that uses the latest green cleaning products made from environmentally-friendly and all-natural ingredients. It’ll be much easier on your employees and will likely lead to a far more enjoyable office environment for everyone.

Are There Financial Incentives?

Choosing a green cleaning service actually goes far beyond simply ensuring the continued good health and productivity of your employees. Because of government initiatives to promote the green industry and foster economic development among its ranks, there are now tax breaks available for businesses that hire green cleaning staff.

Your investment will pay for itself at the end of the year when the government credits your business with helping to further the goals and objectives of the green industry. It’s an industry that the federal government considers the future of America, and there are great rewards for ensuring that it really is.

For a quality, green cleaning service to suit your need be sure to contact www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com today!

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