Professional House Cleaner Appointment NY

Professional House Cleaner Appointment NYTake back your life with a professional house cleaner appointment NY. Professional cleaners perform a variety of tasks that keep residential spaces looking beautiful. Slight differences exist between maid and cleaning services, so ask questions to ensure the services fit your individual needs. Cleaning packages at 1st Class Cleaning in New York City are available for a one-time special event or routine maintenance.

Maid vs Cleaning Services

Traditionally, maids are considered the domestic employees of an individual household. Depending on the arrangement, employers can provide room and board or a form of reliable transportation. Traditional maid services can be extremely cost-prohibitive. This is due to a number of additional expenses that include healthcare, social security and taxes that must be paid by the employer (You).

Cleaning services are employees of an outside agency. They arrive as requested and leave once all desired tasks are complete. Cleaning employees are paid an hourly wage instead of a flat salary. Social security and applicable taxes are handled by their employer, taking any added responsibility out of your hands.

Who Needs Cleaning Services in New York?

Shake the outdated notion that cleaning services are a luxury for the rich. The hustle of modern society makes them a necessity. Working professionals simply do not have the time to clean. Housewives have enough to worry about without the added stress of squeezing in a cleaning session. The services allow people who are bedridden or suffering from decreased mobility to relax in comfortable, healthy surroundings.

Tasks Handled By Cleaning Services in New York

1st Class Cleaning can focus on one area, like the kitchen or living room or employ a top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire residence. Counter-tops and furniture surfaces are wiped down, carpeting is vacuumed, floors are washed and keepsakes are dusted. Appliances are polished to a high-shine. 1st Class Cleaning also offers move-in/move-out services to facilitate the move process or new parent services to prepare for newborns.

What To Look For In A Cleaning Service

1st Class Cleaning has proper insurance that compensates you if an item breaks during cleaning and compensates employees who get hurt on the job. Feel free to inquire about services provided and the employee screening process. It is better to be safe than sorry, considering you are giving a stranger full access to your home.

1st Class Cleaning… The New York Experts of Cleaning

What makes 1st Class special is the personal connection made between the company and each of our clients. Owned and operated by a former professional cleaner, 1st Class Cleaning takes great pride in offering quality services with safe, organic cleaning products. Client specials include express service for small city locales and premium services for special occasions. Laundry, windows and various other services are available for an additional fee. To schedule your cleaning appointment, Contact 1st Class Cleaning. All clients receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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