Outdoor Event Cleaning Services in New York City

outdoor partyThere are countless places to have outdoor events in New York City. You could reserve space in one of the parks, or you may want to have an event in the familiar surroundings of your own backyard. Whether you are heading to a public area, a tranquil park or just hosting a gathering out in the suburbs, you need to clean the space for the party. You may not have the time to pick up trash and make the area neat, but you can count on professional cleaning services to do it for you.

Exterior Services

Most cleaning companies specialize in interior services, but we know that there are times when you prefer outdoor activities. In addition to having the site for your event cleaned, you also need any available restroom facilities and the tables and chairs to be cleaned and polished. We will take care of all these tasks, so you can focus on the other important aspects of your event.

Shiny Tables and Clean Chairs

When you host an outdoor event, you are going to need to supply seating, tables and other furnishings. Most rental agencies will make sure the equipment is clean before you pick it up, but what if it’s coming out of your own storage shed? Don’t waste a minute of your time and available manpower on cleaning these fixtures. We are happy to take care of this task for you. Not only will the area be free of litter, fallen branches and other debris, but we will also make sure your furnishings and accessories are polished and ready for the guests.

Restrooms and Other Facilities

Are all aspects of the event going to be outside? Chances are good that you will also have restroom facilities that need to be cleaned. If the event is on private grounds, then the guests may be walking through a home or business lobby to get there. We will also make sure these facilities and the lavatories are clean and ready to make a fantastic impression on your guests.

The Aftermath

Cleaning an outdoor area for an event is only one of the challenges you will face. After the party is over and the guests have gone home, the cleanup will begin. In addition to hiring professionals to clean the area prior to your event, you may also want to invest in professional services for the aftermath. We will clean up any debris, wipe off the fixtures and restore the site to its original condition.

When you’re planning an outdoor event, you will have a lot of fine details to attend to. Whether you are planning a simple wedding in the park or a major celebration for thousands of people, you want the site to be clean and ready for guests. You need the fixtures and accessories to be polished and scrubbed before the decorators arrive, and the restrooms and buildings that guests will have access to must also be cleaned. Finally, when the job is done, you are going to need help cleaning it all up. Contact 1st Class Cleaning today and discover how we can help you prepare for and clean up after your next outdoor event.

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