How to Prevent Dust Build Up

Dusting is more than just an endless and thankless household chore. The irritation of making sure the job gets done is just the beginning. 1st Class Cleaning in New York knows that beneath the surface layer of dust lurk issues that are much more than merely unsightly – Those tiny specks of dust could cause serious health concerns. Dust contains pollutants, pollen and dust mite feces. While it is not dinner-time conversation, it is the feces of the dust mites that are the culprits in causing many severe allergic reactions and respiratory problems. The only way to prevent the risks wrapped inside these balls of dust is to prevent dust build up from the start.

Begin by stopping dust in its tracks to prevent it from spreading to the rest of house when it enters. Do this by placing your throw rugs at entryways or places of heavy traffic to help trap dust brought in from the outside on shoes and blown in through the air when doors are opened. Keep windows shut as often as possible and always wiped clean. Change all air filters in your home routinely. These include furnace filters, filters in air vents, air conditioner units and any air purifiers. Use HEPA air filter purifiers to trap much of the remaining airborne dust particles that float by without notice.

Vacuum fabric surfaces that trap dust. Use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. Suck up dust from carpeting, rugs, draperies, upholstered furniture and mattresses before it becomes a problem. This should begin as a thorough cleaning and then become part of your weekly cleaning routine. Damp mop tiled flooring at least once a week. These floors are often found in entry foyers, kitchens and bathrooms.

Clean wood floors using a microfiber dust mop. Spray all other wood surfaces with a cleaner that will repel dust. Choose your wood cleaner carefully as the goal is to rid your home of allergens, not to create more breathing irritants by using a harsh chemical furniture polish. The professional green cleaning team at 1st Class Cleaning in New York knows that products like earth friendly Wood for Good not only leaves your house smelling like fresh almonds, but provides gentle cleansing with no wax. It puts life back into wood without the unnecessary residue.

Deep clean all counter tops and appliances and then wipe them down regularly. These surfaces often include those used for preparing food or where you place your belongings, so be sure your cleanser is organic like Method® Cucumber Spray which actually absorbs the dirt instead of using chemicals to degrade it.

Get to the root of the problem to prevent dust build up without adding a new issue of harsh chemical cleansers. Routine green professional cleaning using environmentally friendly products that are safe for you, your home, your office and your pets is the only way to truly fight dust build up successfully. Breathe freer today by creating a more hypoallergenic home. Schedule regular cleanings like those offered by the professionals at 1st Class Cleaning in New York. Contact us today to schedule an appointment

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