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Hiring a professional housekeeper or maid is an investment on the part of the homeowner. The services provided must be worth the money spent. In the New York City area, homeowners often have little time to spend keeping the premises clean and sanitized. Expert housekeeper cleaning personnel understand this problem and are trained to perform their duties in an efficient manner.

Before making a decision about who to hire as a maid or housekeeper, consider factors such as reliability, trust, company history, and flexible scheduling. Many of the established maid services in the New York area have specialized field representatives that perform certain types of work. Depending on what needs to be done and how often the service is required, homeowners may be able to choose a specific individual with a proven track record in residential cleaning.

Choosing The Right Company

Every home is different in terms of what cleaning services need to be performed. When considering the services of a professional cleaning and housekeeping firm, homeowners should make a list of concerns. This list should be transmitted directly to the cleaning company representative.

Specific concerns in the residential housekeeping industry include:

•    Licensing and bonding of employees
•    Service scheduling and flexibility
•    Duties performed
•    Environmental awareness
•    Cost of the service

Trust is important when using a housekeeper cleaning service. Residents are allowing a person or team of workers to enter the premises, perhaps when the property is unoccupied. It is vital for the customer to feel at ease when handing over the keys to the house.

If the homeowner desires an ongoing relationship with a cleaning service provider, flexibility in scheduling must be taken into consideration. The actual date and time of the service may have to be changed periodically, and customers will not want to see a price increase simply because a different schedule needs to be drawn up.

The actual duties performed by the housekeeper or maid may be different on subsequent visits. Not every home requires all duties be performed on each and every cleaning date. A full understanding of what is required on a particular day can make scheduling far easier for both the homeowner and the person dispatched.

One of the great concerns in the house cleaning industry is the use of non-toxic products. It is important for the client to choose a company that uses organically derived cleaners and disinfectants.

Costs for these services vary greatly from one company to another. When contacting a cleaning service, New York City homeowners are urged to ask about specific prices for housekeeping services, especially rates for repeat visits.

Licensing Of Company Employees

Always ask the company about their hiring procedures. It is important to find out how long the company has been in business and whether any major complaints have been registered by former clients. Most of the reputable cleaning services in the New York area perform a complete background check on all new applicants.

Cleaning service companies cannot stay in business if they become involved in lawsuits regarding damaged property, theft of items from clients’ homes, or any form of criminal behavior on the part of field representatives or housekeeping personnel. Those considering the services of a housekeeper or maid will have peace of mind knowing the person(s) dispatched have a clean criminal record and a stellar performance history with the contractor.

House cleaning services earn a profit by maintaining a trusted relationship with the client. Repeat business is important to them. The best way to establish this trust is for them to hire employees that have a proven record of reliability and who establish a positive rapport with the client.

The Problem Of Scheduling

New York City homeowners are busy people. The service provided by the housekeeper may have to be on the weekends, in the early morning hours, or even at night. When asking about scheduling of services, homeowners need to find out how long it takes the crew to travel to the premises, whether the dispatch service will cost extra if the client is located far from the contractor’s headquarters, and whether an appointment can be changed or altered.

Emergencies may require a last-minute change of schedule, especially for those clients who wish to be on the premises at the time all housekeeping services are performed. It is important to ask the company about rescheduling of services, particularly if an ongoing contract has been arranged.

Duties Performed By The Housekeeper

Some of the major housekeeping companies in the New York City area will send a representative to the home to discuss the cleaning schedule. Others have a detailed checklist that can be completed online or over the telephone. Homeowners often want the full service performed by the individual dispatched, especially on the initial visit.

Residential customers can expect the housekeeper cleaning service to include:

•    Cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces
•    Window washing
•    Cleaning and disinfecting of bathroom floors and fixtures
•    Vacuuming of carpets and hardwood floors
•    Steam cleaning of carpets if needed
•    Window washing
•    Dusting of furniture

In addition to these normal duties, housekeepers may be asked to wash, dry and fold laundry, reorganize closets and wardrobes, perform cleaning services on the kitchen appliances, wash the interior walls of the home, and remove trash and recyclables from the premises.

Professional cleaning service personnel arrive at the home equipped with all the supplies needed for the job at hand. This includes vacuum machines, soaps and cleansers, disinfectants and solvents, and all towels and brushes required to complete the work. They will follow the client’s instructions pertaining to articles that must not be touched or disturbed, about certain types of footwear that are not allowed indoors, and where any trash must be placed outside the home.

Flexible scheduling allows the client to establish a routine that involves only certain duties on a particular visit. Before deciding on which cleaning company to use, homeowners are urged to ask contractors about custom scheduling of each cleaning service. This may or may not affect the rates charged.

Choose An Environmentally Friendly Service

Many of the chemicals and cleaners available today are full of toxins and can negatively affect those with allergies or certain medical conditions. Harsh chemicals can damage sensitive surfaces and leave dangerous residues.

Going green is not just an advertising gimmick; it actually does help to clean up the environment. Organically derived cleaners, surfactants, solvents and disinfectants do not contain toxic compounds, are safe to flush into the sewer system, and will not harm people or pets. Before choosing any cleaning service, make it a point to ask about what cleaners are used.

Green cleaning products are 100 percent biodegradable. They clean all surfaces and do not leave any lingering residues. The odors left by these products are completely natural and make the entire home smell fresh and clean. Neither humans nor pets are affected by dangerous chemicals when green cleaning products are utilized.

Anyone concerned about the dangerous consequences of using harsh chemicals for the purpose of cleaning a home will be happy to learn that some of the reputable housekeeping contractors in the New York area use only green cleaning agents and biodegradable soaps.

Ask About Price Estimates

Some housekeeper cleaning companies charge an hourly fee while others have a base price per room or for the amount of square footage. Customers are encouraged to ask about flat rates or hourly prices for the dispatching of a personal maid or housekeeper.

Companies often charge a flat rate for a large apartment or free-standing residential property. These contractors are happy to assign the client a personal maid or cleaning individual for subsequent visits. The charge for these repeat service calls is usually an hourly rate.

Price estimate tables are often included on housekeeping service websites. Customers can figure in the number of rooms or the total square footage, add any specific information about the services required, and obtain an immediate cost estimate. If the customer is happy with the work performed on the initial visit, the same maid or cleaning service individual can be assigned on a permanent basis. Tips and gratuities are unnecessary because of the nature in which the employee is paid by his or her company.

Building A Positive Relationship

Nothing is more important to a cleaning contractor than building a feeling of trust with all clients. This is why they choose to hire those individuals who are friendly, courteous, and have a record of performing their duties in a timely manner.

Satisfactory work by a housekeeper or maid means peace of mind on the part of the homeowner. Knowing that the person will arrive on time and perform his or her duties to exacting standards is what sets apart professional cleaning companies from the lesser known competition.

One of the leading housekeeper cleaning services in the entire New York area, 1st Class Cleaning offers superior service and flexible scheduling. Customers can obtain accurate price estimates, choose their own private housekeeper, and schedule service at any time of day. 1st Class Cleaning is an environmentally friendly company that uses the latest in biodegradable products. They also have an extensive employee screening program to make sure only reliable, trusted individuals are contracted for residential services.

Need an affordable yet professional cleaning service for your New York area home? Go to and get a no-obligation price quote today!

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